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Drop Rate...Dropping

I noted a marked decrease in drop rates this weekend. I have lectured extensively on statistics and understand RNG but something changed this weekend (over 20 hours of play). Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?

I would love to hear from Blizzard if drop rate manipulation in fact happens or not so we can choose to accept it or not.

For someone that lectures on statistics and understands RNG, you do not seem to understand the meaning of the word Random.
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After my dinner tonight (french time), i looted 4 legendaries and 3 keys :)
It is my most efficient short session !

So to answer you OP, nop !
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Found 2 legendaries in Normal Act3 MP10 within 5 minutes. Have found 6 legendaries total in the past week with minimal gameplay.
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Drops are fine.

Did 4 runs last night and each run got a Led and a set item. All less then 3 hours.
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Heres my personal example of RNG: I have over 1400hrs in gamplay, 800 of which belong to my demon hunter. I've never found a GG item on her running from 350% mf before the cap, grinding acts 3 & 4 before they adjusted the loot drop rates early on in the game. In the past two weeks I've found my first 3 trifecta items (being gloves) with modest rolls, nothing worth over 2m mind you. The trifectas were found by my witch doctor, barb and monk while messing around. 2/5 items worth over 4m were found by my monk with 0 MF before the NV system was implemented. I've sold 2 items over 15m, one was a pair of boots that went for 30m and the other was barb ring that "Would" have been worth 300m had patch 1.0.5 been days away, sold it a week and half later for 17m. I've seen people with 60hrs of play time find items worth several hundred million to 1-2 billion gold in value on MP 0 since 1.0.5, it is what is.

I've I'D 40,000+ items at the very minimum, and countless hundreds of legendaries of little to no value. I keep tabs on items that sell for large amounts and those of modest value. RNG is just that, now if you want to talk about luck... I'm first in line to start crying, but the fact is I know what I'm up against, a slot machine, and frankly I nut up and deal with it. Elitist players constantly rag on my gear vs my time spent playing and all I can do is shrug, that's just my luck what can I say?

The bottom line is
A: Some people don't use the RMAH
B: Some people don't care for the idea of flipping their way into power
C: Some people aren't born under a lucky star.

Random is random, live with it or move onto greener pastures.
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I found 3 Legendaries today and about 6 Legendaries and 1 set this week. Drops are increasing for me. I just started playing with MP5/6 instead of three.

That said, it's all been junk.

I've found (2) Fragment's of Destiny, (3) Hellracks, (1) Danetta's Spite, (1) Frostburn Gauntlet, and I can't remember the rest. Oh, and the Fire Walkers my Wizard is wearing now.
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I dont want to feel like im playing casino. This is my problem with d3. Just like the people who sits for hours in front of !@#$ machines. I want to have fun not playing lotery
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One night I can get ehh maybe one or two set/legendaries IF that. Last night I got like 6 Legendarys and two set items. Drop rates are fine.
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I think some people are luckier than others, myself I get a 30/70 rng experience. Basically the majority of the time I get nothing.
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nerf droprates
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I found 4 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, 1 yesterday, nada today. Most days I find 2, sometimes none, sometimes more. RNG seems to be working for me.
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well i notice ppl getting alot more legendarys then me and frankly it's abit annoying to see ppl getting good drop after 20 min...
that said i dont really care about drops that much just for the simple reason i dont get any good drops..
since 1.0.5 came out i have gotten around 5 legendary drops (in total after patch) i play 3-5 hours each day,and i usually do it on MP5-7 depending if i just want to run through fast or have a bit of a challenge.

i do feel that somehow the RNG is kinda wack on my end (RNG has a spectrum where a few get really lucky and a few very unlucky but most are somewhere in the middle)

now to be honest i dont have that much MF (around 450 when i have 5X stacks at MP6) but then again would be nice if they could do some kind of if u dont get a legendary in X hour of gameplay or X elites killed u get a drop then it resets and u have to work it up again.

im not asking gief all best loot in game, im not even saying plz gief a good legendary just give me a chance to get something worthwhile from time to time...

atm almost all my gear is from AH and it's kinda bumming me out abit...
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I doubt it's dropped, dropping or manipulated.

EU server, my friend, during last 4-5 days found few hundred mil worth ik belt, 80kk natalya's cloak, 40kk vile ward, few others which i dont remember now and few rares that were also highly priced.

And I during these days found few legendaries, that most of them ended up salvaged as the materials were worth more than legendaries themselves, guess it's just luck and LOTS of rng.
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OK so just finished my 15th ACT 3 clear and nothing. Prior to this I was getting reasonable drops but in the 20+ hours (since last Saturday) this last spell has taken me I've received basically zero reward, 3 or 4 legendaries that were nothing but brimstone. Probly a couple of hundred rares that were vendored, a few worth 500k or so. If indeed this is just bad luck (and I have no reason to disbelieve the CMS) then it is just not good enough.
Why would anyone want to put that many hours into something for what amounts to no reward? It's not as is if there's a great story or anything, we are just grinding the same material repeatedly. Until there is more content, the loot system HAS to change. Improve the !@#$ty legendaries and the rolls on the rares. Gaining a few levels of paragon will not suffice to hold people's interest
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RNG little boy..
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RNG just goes so far you know .... And even if its RNG then like EVOK has said the chances on legendaries are still too low. Especially if you count in that most legendaries suck anyways and those that CAN be good most rolls are anyways crap.

It also seems that MF does nothing in this game. Go do some MF runs in D2 without MF and then put on 300 MF which is very easy to get in D2 and do just 20 min. of runs and you will see the HUUUUGE difference. But in D3 ? Go do runs without MF and do with 300% MF for half an hour, you will see no difference.

You know D2 is also RNG based but I never saw someone complaining in D2 about drops, wonder why ? T_T

You can tell me so much about RNG you want but something smells fishy in D3. After the patch hits everyone gets legendaries left and right and now we are back to nearly pre patch it seems /sigh. Its been over a week now for me, thats not RNG.
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All I know about D3 RNG is that right after major patches I hit the jackpot then the drops slowly settle down. Coincidence ? Hard for me to say when I gather the equivalent of 2 weeks worth of farming in just a few hours right after the patch. So when is 1.06 or 1.1 coming ? Got to free some inventory space.
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