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Drop Rate...Dropping

My ZERO legendary drop rate only happened for that 1 or 2 days only mentioned in my previous post. That's why it freaked me out. I've been getting many legendaries again every day.
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Just you... found liek 8 legends including 2 sets in like 2 hours
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Drop rates seam pretty inconsistant once you get up to the higher paragon levels..

I went from paragon 90-91 on my wizard without a SINGLE set/leg drop.. then as soon as I hit 91, from 91-92 I got 32 leg/10 set items..

It is very odd the way the system works. But there are definitely certain items that just drop a lot more..

I've found...
12x lacuni
32x ivory towers
28x magefist
22xtasker and theo
20x stone guantlet
33xlvl 63 monk helms
17x fire walkers
12xmanticore (only 2x with 2 os, both under 1k dps)
15xpromise of glory

The list goes on and on.. It's pretty outrageous how many bad drops their are in the game..

Out of everything that I've found though, I've made close to 6 billion or so in total.
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I noted a marked decrease in drop rates this weekend. I have lectured extensively on statistics and understand RNG but something changed this weekend (over 20 hours of play). Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?

I would love to hear from Blizzard if drop rate manipulation in fact happens or not so we can choose to accept it or not.

I posted in [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6893559887?page=4#63"]a similar thread[/url] recently, and I’d highly suggest you check it out, because it goes into the nature of probabilities and [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/guide/items/equipment#magic-find"]how Magic Find works in Diablo III[/url].

What you are experiencing is simply a result of RNG. The drop rates of items were not decreased.

They may not have been decreased, but they have always been crappy. Anyways, drop rates aren't the problem, it's drop quality. I wish they would understand this. Increasing drop rates so you find 100000000 trash items instead of 1000 isn't making things any better. At most, it just amplifies the nauseating feeling of absolutely everything being complete and utter trash.
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RNG or not. The fact is after every patch loot is lucrative.

Few days later it is crap again.

Thats not true. Prior to 1.05, ive had similar drop rates after each patch, compared to the drops rates i was experiencing prior to any given patch. After 1.05 hit, i didnt play for about 2 weeks. When i came back, i was getting 2-3 legs AND sets an hour, on average for the first couple days back, running 294 unbuffed MF on MP0 act3 runs. thats 2 WEEKS AFTER the patch came out. Sadly, i am back to lower rate of about 1 leg a day or every other day(somewhat higher than before 1.05).

If there is some type of algorithm or line of code that plays at RNG in the game, it would have to be on some type of "timer", which would have to be account based. I only suggest this because i have spoken w/ other people who have had similar experiences, but thats just a tiny fractional sampling out of the actual amount of people that play the game, and dosnt prove anything.

The problem that most of you have trouble grasping, is when it comes to random chance, ANYTHING can happen. And anything that CAN happen, WILL happen, given enough time. When that is taken into consideration, people are apt to see "patterns" in something that is actually nothing more than random chance.

My point is this:
You cant prove that RNG is not just RNG in D3. You would have to ask EVERY player that played on any given day where such an occurence had happened, if they too experienced what you experienced, and then ONLY if that same experience repeated itself at a different point in time, multiple times, everytime. If the same occurence was uniform across a large percentange of the playerbase(and we are talking something like 99.99%), then it would be resonable to suggest that something else besides RNG was at play. But even then you could never be 100% sure that RNG was not RNG, because again, Anything that CAN happen, will happen. That means repeating patterns can form out of randomness, given an appropriate amount of time as passed.
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For me drop rate really dropped in last patch. Because before i was getting more drops with half the magic find gear i have now or maybe i am just unlucky but i suspect there's a invisible nerf out there XD.
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11/06/2012 05:35 AMPosted by Canda
I have lectured extensively on statistics and understand RNG

And yet you failed to realize that, by definition, statistics only speak for the past.

BTW, I'm Albert Einstein reincarnate...and I'm Superman. So, TRUMP baby..:)
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ive noticed a significant drop since maintnance
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