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7SINS team - uber service MP10

congrats on the 100 bro
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another 3 uber boss with the team. as usual mow down the mp10 boss like mp2

thanks again
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Once again, many thanks to Griz and the rest of the team for another flawless carry.
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Just did a run. EPIC!!!

Thanks alot to Yokies, Nothinsuss and Tigerblood. They kill faster on MP 10 then I do I on MP0 ;(
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Hi Griz and team. thanks for the 2 runs and advise how to do uebers and some of the tricks. thanks
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Did a run with the team the other day, was too busy and forgot to post a feedback (my bad)
Great job guys =) It was quick and easy =D Even though I was so weak XD
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Hey guys I have 3 machines, wondering if its possible to get one mp10 run tonight?
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Just did a quick mp10 run with Nothinsuss, got my first hellfire ring! Awesome job and can't wait to get my hands on more machines!

Thanks guys!
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On behalf of PortmanBlue:Just did a run with Nothinsuss and Griz for my first Hellfire. Quick and easy, will definitely use the service again. Thanks guys,
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Hi 7Sins et al,

I understand that having the machines ready to go is a pre-requisite however after countless hours of trying with reckless abandon, I no longer have the time to keep grinding hour upon hour away at lower MPs with a less than 50% chance of scoring necessary pieces. It pains me to even consider how much faster I could level with a Hellfire Ring in my stash :(

At this point, I have:
1 key from Act 1
2 keys from Act 2
9 keys from Act 3 (all found when grinding Paragons)
0 IM plans from Act 4

If it's possible, can someone from 7Sins please add/contact me as to discuss whether it would be possible for a carry through to completion for both a Hellfire Ring for my Monk AND my WD.

I understand that this process could take quite some time to complete (I really have no idea how long it would take so not even going to guess) so I'm more than happy to do it over a number of sessions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to setting some time aside to finally getting my rings.

Thanks in advance and cheers.
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Another run last night, fast and simple as always. I highly recommend these guys.
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Just did 3 x 3 runs wit Griz Nothingsuss and Yokies

Awesome pack, even when some of them die the other/s manage to stay alive and revive everyone.

I'm not sure I even did anything to help with my sucky 160K dps

I would say these guys are the best, want a HF ring? they will help you get it no worries!

Very happy with these guys!
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Oh yeh happy easter and thanks for waking up to do my 21 machines LOL
quiet a session all my Dex Hellfire rings were bad rolls but the 1 Str Hellfire turned out decent on first attempt my Barb alt is wearing it now :P

until next time i call upon yous when i saved up more machines for another session
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Plenty of machines made

Will hit you guys up when i reach 18 machines :D
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Superstars- ran with NothinSuss

Easy-mode run
First ring ever !

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If you need help with ubers only contact one of following members here Defy#1750 and Nothinsuss#1591 leave a msg "help with Ubers".
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Just want to say a big thanks to Nothinsuss and IronWilly and the gang, I did 2x MP10 runs with them around midnight last night.

Nothinsus was on the ball, responded to my msg straight away and got his team together pronto.

Run went flawlessly, the team was great of course, but I also scored 3 legends: a Schaefer's Hammer off the KW and a IK Belt and Bul-Kathos sword in Crypt of the Ancients, two set pieces right next to each other!

This was my second run with 7Sins, can't recommend them enough.

Check my monk and her follower to see the 2 rings I crafted :-)
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