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[Guide] Budget Guide: 100K DPS/400K EHP Monk

I agree about the two guides complementary. I started with his AH filters then changed some of them to stick with offense on jewelry like you recommended (and probably some other advice from both of you I mix-and-matched). I would have bumped his if it had less activity.

I don't have a ton of gold to go nuts with at this point anyway so waiting for the patch works out. I just wanted to makes sure I asked before I got a decent drop and blew it on something that didn't work out.

Sounds good, I'll add you in game. Thanks.
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Have been following this thread when my monk hit level 60. Following the advice, hv been bumping my armor and AR upwards (thus far at 4000 / 400 respectively - it's an ongoing item purchasing process). However, my first observation is that Vitality is extremely impt. Beforehand, my HP (not EHP) was around +17K. Whenever I meet elites and get frozen or trapped, I would almost inevitably die. Then I socketed Topaz gems to my items and got a belt with high Vit (bumping HP to +26K), I find that I am able to survive encounters with elites much better.

The next round of upgrades will be offense based. My question is this. In the spreadsheet by Nameless, I notice that the most bang for the buck increase in terms of DPS is IAS. There is one Primary skill WotHF (Blazing Fists) that can stack up to 3x 5% increase in attack speed with Crit Hits. Shouldn't this skill be the absolute preferred primary attack skill? So far, the most recommended FoT(Thuderclap). Opinions?
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Great guide Nameless, I had very similar experience through the upgrades of my monk

upgrading dps, then comes to the point of dropping defence.. Upgrade defence again then drop some dps... And so on.. Defence is expensive, andl understand the value of it once reach higher MP.

Just want to say that all fellow monks pls be patient with drops and listings on the AH.. Don't ignore rares as there are great rolls out there, try upgrade piece by piece and you will reach high end eventually.

Monk is such a great class, I first roll a wiz and DH but died so much to the pt of rage quitting.. Monk bring me back to this game and I can never let go of this character

Feel free to add me in game :) for chat or game
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@VictorCMW - the reason people go for FoT/Thunderclap is that FoT skills have a hidden built-in haste modifier (multiplies attack speed by 1.5) + the proc rate on each strike is highest amongst all of the spirit generators. WoTHF may look fast, but it is in fact slower, and the 2nd strike is bugged in that the proc rate is almost zero. Proc rate is important because that's what determines how much LOH is returned per strike AND the number of cyclones generated in any build that counts on SW/Cyclone. In other words, you'll find that FoT/Thunderclap will outcyclone any other primary that monks have.

@lyfredaheero - thanks for the props. I agree... upgrading process can be annoying as you are trying to tweak out some kind of balance. I try to maintain defence with each upgrade so that I don't sacrifice one for the other. If anything, I sometimes drop offence for better defence if it sets me up for better upgrades in the future. But yes, it's always about balance.
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nice guide there
i believe that most monks reach this kind of build while trying to mantain a low budget, in my build i chose to sacrifice a little dps in order to sustain myself against ubers or elites in mp7, sadly i reached a limit where i could only upgrade dps by spending tons and tons of gold while maintaining ehp
i can only wait for the next patch to make some boa ammy, belt and gloves
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Nameless - great guide - will be recommending it to a few new monk friends, mostly because it reflects the approach I took when I re-geared not long ago (fire resist was too expensive for everything!).
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@Nameless - Thanks for the reply. It's really appreciated that peeps in this forum takes time to explain to noobs. After my post, I searched the forum for info on WotHF (BF) and found Druin's work. So ya, back to FoT (Thunderclap) esp when I also equip WKL.

BTW - will you update you spreadsheet to incorporate the DPS calculation as brilliantly explained in this thread?

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Hi Nameless, you may not remember me but I'm curious why you only mention the DPS Calculator in asiangamer when d3up is so much better, especially when simulating upgrades.
Edited by Nehalem#1228 on 1/22/2013 7:24 AM PST
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@Nehalem - thanks for point it out. I could have sworn I had a link to d3up.com somewhere in my guide... but I know that at the time of writing, d3up.com was not really widely used (or even known). I made the edit to replace the link because you are absolutely correct... d3up.com is a vastly superior website over theasiangamer ATM.

@VictorCMW - I'd love to update my spreadsheet to reflect what Vrkhyz has put in his guide but I think it would take far too long to do and there is no sense in duplicating what he has done such a good job in. For my purposes - a quick / easy way of planning upgrades with the bigger picture in mind, it suffices. If anything, I need to update the sheets for the S&B monks out there which I may need to consider using down the road. Personally, I'd probably head to d3up.com for a quick in-depth comprehensive analysis of my gear, while I use my spreadsheet for planning purposes (I find it much faster to use than d3up), and would try to use Vrkhyz's material for a deeper understanding of DPS calculations.

@Azza2k & @DeatH
Thanks for the props. And yeah, I think that it's most important to get to this point as cheaply as possible (to be able to comfortably farm MP6 or MP7 for keys and XP/loot farming in lower levels) and then save for future upgrades which tend to be very expensive at this level (I still suffer from sticker shock at times). I think many people overspend while their DPS/EHP is still low and unable to farm as efficiently as they can. It's also interesting how many options open up to you in terms of playstyle when you hit this level - I have different builds ready for different purposes with some small changes to gear.
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Nameless, I just viewed your monk, and compared it too mine and I am stumped as to why I am 23k dps below you. My dex and crit are much higher, and my CHD is about the same. My IAS is close, but you have about ~6% more.

Is it simply a matter of the difference in weapon attack speed and weapon damage?

I'm not sure what else I can upgrade.

If you have time to check out my character, I would love to finally figure out what the roadblock I ran into is.
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@eppinizer -- you are probably right -- it probably has a lot to do with low weapon damage on both of your weapons. Truth be told, DPS is the last thing I'd be worried about with your monk. Your monk is essentially built as a glass cannon as your HP is about half of what it needs to be, so until you get that significantly higher (up to around 40K), you will likely have a lot of difficulties in higher MPs.
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Thanks for the confirmation!

I'm painfully aware of my low HP, I am planning on switching out my exp gem with a %life gem when I am playing in in High MP, and maybe snagging a pair of those Sage's Gesture.

Hopefully some of my auctions come through.
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This is an awesome guide Nameless, really helped me focus on my build. At the moment I am ok, would like more DPS but I have been trying to boost survivability. I would like to move up to MP5 for key farming but alas I feel compelled to stay below MP3 mainly due to those hideous poison pools, fire chains and occasionally getting locked in place by wallers and jailers that spew forth molten and poison. It's tough being a Monk.....
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Awesome guide here, I wish I knew it was around months ago.
I've broken the 100k threshold, am finding out it will be so very expensive to go up from here.
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Dear Nameless,

Just wanted to give a big thanks to you and the countless other monks for the effort and many hours put into these pages, making the monk community vibrant and the experience that much more satisfying. Never posted in the forums before but I thought this would be an appropriate milestone. To other young monks out there wondering where to put their faith, your search is over. Follow the words in this guide!

I was lost in the hinterlands for a very, very long time, a believer in the faith but without direction. My long wanderings in the wilderness had me at 16k elite kills, and a 490 hour journey. A month ago i was still at DPS 50k. Like many, I had strayed into the land of the legendaries. Full Inna's, Viles, Shenlongs, and countless others. Wanted and got them all, never mind I didn't have that much gold and ended up with crappy poorly rolled versions. They were new, they were 'bright and shiny' and that was enough.

Then I found these pages and a path to enlightenment!
I've read and re-read Nameless guide and can only strongly encourage others to do so. Defense, being the starting point and foundation on what everything else is built, is paramount. Over the last few weeks I've patiently reworked the groups, starting at defense. Each step not moving forward until satisfied it met the guides requirements. Then hybrids, then jewelry. Before deciding I still wasn't happy with the armor pieces and back to the key defense pieces again. In total I haven't spend more than 10m gold to make the improvements on what I already had. On a whim I spent 2.5m on Nats ring. Girls gotta having matching shoes and accessories! The boots, pants and Shenlongs were the only things I kept from before. I'm happy where I am at the moment. My DPS was standing 65 short of 100k, crossed it by getting to P60 today. =)
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Hi peekingduck & others,

Thanks for the props and your comments on this guide. I haven't been around lately because I have been taking a break from D3 as part of Lent for me, but I do plan to update big portions of this guide to account for 1.0.7, to format this to be a bit more easy to read, and to find ways to edit pare this down to a more manageable read - as this is fairly lengthy and wordy. I want to add some newer thoughts about gearing wisely on a budget. This probably won't happen until some time after April, but I hope it will happen soon... :)

Until then, happy looting!
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I wanted to thank you for this guide and see if you can explain a problem I'm coming across. I've been a tank monk for a while now and I wanted some dps because it was very miserable spending 5-15min killing anything mp3-5. I only needed to buy gear for the offensive slots. While following your guide I couldn't find any items with a chd% higher than 100%. Am I missing something? Thanks again.
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The maximum amount of CHD per item slots generally are:
Amulet: 100%
Ring: 50%
Gloves: 50%
1-handed weapon: 100%
2-handed weapon: 200%

Weapons can also come with a socket; with a green gem you'll get upto an additional 110% so 1-handed and 2-handed can go upto 210% and 310% respectively (although at what I'm guessing your budget is you'll be looking at only another 70% to 80% from a green gems). That's how he's getting over 300% CHD on his weapons alone.

If you go with a weapon and shield, you really have to make sure to get CHD on as much of your other slots as possible. Shields can't get CHD, but they can get CHC (critical hit chance). You should try a shield with CHC if you want to continue using one. Then you can lighten up a bit on the need for CHC on your rings, for example.

Some specific advice for you, given what I see in your profile:

1. Pick a resist and stick with it on all your gear. That's how OWE works best. You might choose poison resist if you're planning on keeping that blackthorn set you have.

2. Swap out those purple gems for green ones if you've got them. You have plently of life. Any more than 40K to 50K life is overkill at this stage of the game. In general be willing to sacrific some vitality on your other gear, especially your rings. (A ring with something like +30-60 damage, attack speed, 30% CHD and dex or poison resist might be less than 100K gold. Amulets go up to 100% CHD, and you shouldn't settle for one with less than 60%. Shop around)

3. Look for gloves with 140+ Dex, 7% or more CHC (as close to 10% as you can afford), poison resist, and either CHD or attack speed. You'll want to pay considerably less than 1 million gold for that, too. (100K to 300K, maybe).

It's kind of hard to give too much advice without knowing exactly what your budget is and if you have any specific restrictions. You may want to just make a new post in the Monk forum asking for help and telling people your a budget. Usually there are many people who will offer specific advice to you. FYI, Nameless probably won't be around to post except on weekends for the next month of so. Creating a new thread on the forums is probably your quickest way to getting more help.
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nice to see necro bumps which ARE actually warranted :)
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Wanted to say big thanks for this guide.

I played pre 1.05 and came about a month ago.

This guide really helped me out.

I was able to get my gear pretty cheap but now it looks like any kind of upgrade for now will cost a lot of gold/luck (note for me anything over 5M is expansive :D)

I really hope they don't nerf OWE. If they do I would be useless haha
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