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[Guide] Gearing tips from Sir Piffle

@ silver. on pants 1 is a low roll 2 is max roll. not sure on chests. anywhere else its just 0/1
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Awesome! I read that new section with interest, thank you. Certainly learned a few things, and I know how to orient further crafting now.

Here's a quick question, though : do you, or anybody else, now how sockets function as an affix? I am guessing that they function as Sockets is 1 affix, with 1 being a low roll and 3 being a high roll. Or is it something different?


To my understanding, that's how it works.

Sockets is 1 affix, and then it varies how many you get. Obviously 2 is max on pants while 3 is max on chest.
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Hey Piffle,

I've had your post on my faves for awhile and still use and send new monks over to help understand how to effectively gear for a new monk. I was wondering if you could or would do a similar thread for monk trying to go from 100K to 200K damage. Any tips or advice from a pro are always welcome. I just 80k the other day and ANY upgrade starts at 10m or more and getting money for me takes time, since I don't buy gold. Also if you could tell me if anything is easily / cheap to upgrade let me know.


My SC monk has a 100CD jewel on MH and 90 on offhand took them off to switch to other character, logged out before putting back on.
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Glad it's helped!

I'm not sure whether I would be able to write a guide for 100-200k simply because of how many different options there are. When you're working with a strict budget and in the lower tiers of gear, your options are restricted much more. Play style also comes into play a lot there as well. I feel like I would either be writing a guide that was much too focused on one particular way of gearing OR trying to write about 100 different paths and never finishing.

As for your own gear, I think the next step for you will be to complete your Inna's 2 piece. I am a big advocate for the pants because of all the DPS + MS they provide. Granted, you will lose some EH here, since your pants have a lot of health and a little resist. Inna's pants only have 1 random roll, so you're probably either looking at Fire Res or Vit. Vit is the better choice if you have the funds available, but Fire Res will likely be much cheaper (haven't checked AH In a while).

Really, the hardest part about increasing your DPS is trying to figure out how to sustain your EH (or at least keep it at a level you are comfortable with).
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Hey piffle. If you would take a look at my gear i'd appreciate it. Right now i'm in the process of changing out the nat's boots for a good pair of ice climbers which will put my dps right around 180k and ehp at 590k. let me know if you see anything i should work on.
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i wouldve cried if i walk around with no MV at all i think....... Big numbers are fine nitewolf, but i would really get at least 12% ms.

The rest of the gears looks right. :)
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it doesnt bother me all that much tbh
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Hey Piffle, what should I upgrade next? Little low on demonic essences, so my crafted pieces aren't the best.
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Nice guide man. I am getting a little more time in on my Monk and I really like the play style. And best of all, more than half her gear I actually found or crafted myself. I can do MP7 pretty easy, and with more PL and max gems she will be able to go 1 higher and still be comfortable. I am trying a few different skills to see what I like.
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Because classic reading material should never die.

Oh, and

Your guide had a huge impact on my D3 gaming experience.

Not because it taught me how to gear, but because it opened up my eyes as to how lucrative set selling could be ;D

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Oh teh lulz.

I wonder what sort of set you could build these days with 3,838,887, 28,761,437, and 15,446,177 gold.
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Maybe it's time for you to log in and build a set and see what you can scratch out for 3.8M, 28.7M and 15.4M gold.

It's not as if you don't have the gold to do this. :P
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Maybe it's time for you to log in and build a set and see what you can scratch out for 3.8M, 28.7M and 15.4M gold.

It's not as if you don't have the gold to do this. :P

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no nothing nice will be done :piffle:
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