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next upgrade for the dh above

btw, the build I currently have on my prof is not my DPS build. purely for farming purposes :)
@Crindle pretty solid all around. Only place I see an immediate, affordable option would be to go for an ammy with better crit roll

Edit: I see you're using that as farming for GF and probably have better. Disregard :p
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I think a good mempo would serve you better than the nats helm. Unless you just cant live with out the disc. The ias with resist all is nice if you can afford get with cc on it. Other than that your bracers could do a good upgrade for you. Lacunies for ms, and higher crit. Or even just a better set with higher CC.

I am quickly becoming a fan of the move speed for quick mp1 farming. Though will not change to valut - tact advantage as just seems a waste.

apprently 2 of us posted same time.. while you were posting its your farm build. oh well.
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I was skipped back on an earlier page... anyone wanna give me some advice?
11/13/2012 11:46 AMPosted by khoaker
I was skipped back on an earlier page... anyone wanna give me some advice?

Your tank DH gear is great. I would just recommend changing up your skills. Why do you need hate regeneration when you're using a calamity? Don't you regen fast enough with attack speed? Also Aid station over guardian? I never healed enough with that to give up 15% less damage.

I guess an easy upgrade would be a bola dead man's legacy with 20% attack speed and 10 CC. Give your thunderball a little more damage.
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@khoaker I'd consider upgrading that amulet. CC/CD are both low and unlike the other places I see potential DPS upgrades (lacuni's has no CC and gloves no IAS/CD), you don't have to incur a big loss to survivability to upgrade that.
@ khoaker, i would say SoJ, i feel only the 29-30% ones are worthwhile.
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You look like your going tanky build, with the skills and vit set up. With that in mind, your shoulders and bracers are lacking vit.

If your wanting more dps, I would suggest crit chance on helm, or getting a pair of Inna's legs for the ias + 1%cc + 12 spd. While the stone of jordan is nice, specially since it works with your build, if you do full clear runs grabing a good ias, cc, avg dmg, dex ring would do you alot better.
@luciferx. Shoulders with all res. or the gem in your bow.
I got skipped, anybody have any input for me? Really need help deciding..
err yea I got vileward for shoulds, and a good belt ( 170 dex 150 vit, 70 ar ) just running some extra mf to put me over 300%. But would like to see some sugestions.

@Banther Think a good place to start would be getting a deadman's legacy quiver with 18%+ ias, 9%cc and 180+ vit and dex. should cost you 2m or less and would do you well. After that look at getting you a 2 peice nats set, chest with good dex and boots won't set you back to much and will bump your CC up nicely. Also Inna's legs with the ias, cc, and move spd are worth looking at also.
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Thanks guys, I usaully run guardian turret and vault instead of boar... I only used this setup for an ubers run last night. Other DH was running guardian so I switched to aid. And boar is nice because I'm too lazy to dodge Kulle and Maghda's attacks :)

Thanks for the suggestions...
CC on lacuni and Mempo is SOOO expensive!
Inna legs sounds good even though I don't need the move speed, I still get the IAS.
Amulet def needs an upgrade and that is probably the best bang for my buck. (thanks).
And you're right, my DML was only 4 million so it really isn't up to par with the rest of my gear.

Thanks everyone!
BTW I am running mp6 on easy mode with this setup fairly quickly too (elites die in ~30 secs unless they are ranged >=O )
@banthar, Belt, boots? Start an nat's set for crit/dex bonus's. or do Inna's pants/belt for move speed and dps. Gem in weapon should always be best u have. better then star is preferred for more crit dmg.

cheapest upgrade would prob be a dead man's legacy. I'm sure you can find an ok one for 1m. Basically everything needs to upgrade but that's part of the game :D
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So who wants to try and decide mine? lol
11/13/2012 12:06 PMPosted by Banthar
I got skipped, anybody have any input for me? Really need help deciding..

I think the bow is due for an upgrade... you can get a pretty cheap WF that will give you a DPS increase and Life steal and hate regen. (however you will lose the vit)

You also have no movespeed and that hurts to see on a DH :P
You will lose CC and vit but a dex lacuni is really cheap now a days and you get IAS AND move speed.
You may be able to make up the CC in your amulet, 5 is half of the max CC an amulet can have.
11/13/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Merkur
So who wants to try and decide mine? lol

Well obv you have near perfect gear :) , but to be nitpicky, same manti with 2 socket and dex, higher dex and vit on your boots, 20% attack speed on your dead man's legacy
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@Merkur If you can get a really nice roll on one of these:
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but cant get all res and vit on same ones though... lacuni is next for upgrade on bracers
11/13/2012 12:18 PMPosted by Merkur
but cant get all res and vit on same ones though... lacuni is next for upgrade on bracers

oh yeah you're right, 1 magic property, what was i smoking lol
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