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next upgrade for the dh above

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@burton- I think you can do with a better ammy..

any idea on what mine would be peeps?
@Imagoo You got a pretty well balanced DH and great gears!!
I guess Gems or gloves would be a viable upgrade for you
Djfallen: are you using dawn? Change it to calamity if u prefer 1 hand xbow. Can see you lack of vit.Try to stack them in shoulders or pants. Then u can replace ur gems to emerald

you can probably find a better nat's ring. one with crit dmg or crit chance.

then perhaps better shoulders or ammy,.. i think a higher crit chance would balance out a potential loss in dex.

im not sure what going on with your weap. but looking decent.

what can i do to get to 200kdps?? looking for any advice! thanks.

You really need to invest in a star radiant emerald in ur weap. Makes a big diff.
Find amu with high cri and cri dmg.. and if possible dex or average dmg too.
Change your strong arm to a rare 6 cri Bracer with high dex or lacuni.
Lastly.. if you can live with ur disc. Try a andariel visage. It is cheap and will increase ur dps greatly.
dead man legacy @ kay dee

amulet, need some CC/CD

Pretty solid DH...only upgrade i can think of is your gems and a better manti =)
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@ Snail

A two socket manticore of a witching hour would help a lot, although those are both very expensive.


speaking of how do I make it display my d3 profile rather then my wow profile?
@Tarrasch : I'd focus on upgrading those gems next before worrying about other items. Then i'd take advantage of that 14% hungering arrow dmg on your DML and start using SoT =)
@Tharkis maybe a better ring.
I'd say probably look into trifecta gloves before anything else.
@ wallzi maybe movement speed boots
@Flash, i would say a double crit amulet.

Your DML has a ton of dex, but I rather have more attack speed on it. Just my opinion
@xxxkan, I had a hard time finding one for you. But I guess the only thing you could use more of is Vitality. The boots have a good amount of dex, but you can probably find nat boots with 150+ dex with 80+ vit for about 50million if you have the gold
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@ xxxkan
i have no idea im bad at this game.
looking for advice
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cant help u, switch ur profile to d3


gems : )
updating profile ^^^
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