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next upgrade for the dh above

@ Surfinn

If I had to pick something, it would be your ammy. Try and get a tri-fecta ammy.
@ Surfinn

If I had to pick something, it would be your ammy. Try and get a tri-fecta ammy.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'd recommend getting either a witching hour for your belt or inna's temp to boost your DPS (or try to go for an inna's belt/pants combo for more dex).
any suggestions?
11/15/2012 01:11 PMPosted by BowJangles
any suggestions?

You need a lot more crit chance. I'd suggest working it into your amulet and gloves, at least.
gloves and amulet are really the only things I would change

hard to upgrade

It does seem like i crit quite often though, even though its low
@ BowJangles

It would also be nice if you could get a Windforce with a soc in it, or high cd on it.
gloves and amulet are really the only things I would change

hard to upgrade

It does seem like i crit quite often though, even though its low

When you start nearing 40%, you'll see yellow a LOT more. It really does make a huge difference in both paper and perceived DPS.
I know it does, but we're talking millions to upgrade and I ran out of millions last month :)

I Get by, pretty dang well actually, I upgrade as I can

I like crit damage as well

so crit chance and crit damage upgrades for my toon are very expensive
@ BowJangles

Look at my Scoundrel, the bow on him will give you better dps . It is also a Windforce. It has 63 crit damage on it. I will help you out, I will trade that bow for your's. You will come out on top. Ask Surfinn or anyone.

Let me know and I will log onto the game and make the trade.
@anna maybe left ring
Nice All round DH build. The only suggestion I have is to add some LOH. Perhaps some Blackthorne's Jousting Mail for about 400+ LOH. I've found any lifesteal or LOH reduces the amount of time you need to stay in Shadow power.
@ ANigerian

It's always nice to see a DH with your kind of build, nice all resist. Now if you could buy more armor with armor on it that would be great. I was looking at your ammy and it would help you if you could get one that has all three stats on it (cc cd as).
@ Anna I am posting from my cellphone and wont be home until tomorrow to do the trade. send me a friends invite and if you are still willing tomorrow let me know

ill miss the LOH tho :(
@ BowJangles

If I didn't need the bow for my scoundrel , I'd let you keep your bow. Don't worry , whenever you get on, I will still trade the bow with you. To bad I didn't run into you last week. I gave a player a 1247 dps Manti w/209 dex and soc. for free.

I have to find a poor player to give away a 3pc New Nat's set to. I don't sell many things I just give the stuff away to players who have less then I do. If I find another bow for my Scoundrel, I will make sure I give the bow back to you.

Nice ill see you on the next time im on playing, No biggie on last week, as I would have declined the manticore, as I will only use a bow :)

which Is why they should release more legendary and set "bows" and not crossbows

I love the windforce, but with only giving us one truly legendary bow, they could have made it so much more..

thats another story tho

I like your chakram build on your nats set, that -5 chakram and all resist on it must be nice

i have -3 but no resist, and it sure helps a fricken ton
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Returning DH looking for gear advice. I haven't played in quite awhile and only have 1M gold.

I was thinking of looking for a Dead Man's Legacy but i don't want to lower my already mediocre disc pool. I use a CC build and kite alot with spike traps.

I also keep hearing people talk about getting a legendary/set piece or two every 2-3 hour session. I also have seen that 99% of all DH's i profile inspect have nothing but legendary's/set piece's on. I understand that my paragon level and total MF aren't very high, but it still feels odd that i have been playing for weeks now at MP2 with 5 stacks and have only gotten one legendary to drop(unusable on my Demon Hunter).
if you have a crit chance build you shouldnt need a high disc pool. you can use nightstalker and something like elemental arrow with lightning ball to recover your discipline. in mobs you'll have constant discipline as long as you dont spam gloom every 3secs.
probably everything of mine needs an upgrade. but which one do i need to upgrade the most for my dh?

You could probably do good by finding a better ammy.
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Well you are starting.. so everythink need to be updraged...
but good you got same level itens i guess....
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