Diablo® III

next upgrade for the dh above

@BeastfrmWest: Wow, very good gear indeed, guessing 13xx Manticore Dual Socket?
@ BeastfrmWest

Firstly, freaking awesome DML man! Excellent gear, but one thing I might change would be your belt (if at all, to maybe an Inna's). But you're really there already. Just nitpicking LOL

As for me, I recently switched from Steady aim to Nightstalker which brought my DPS down about 30K :( But I figured, I do get lazy and tank within my Sentry dome and only Vault when things get hairy. Working pretty well MP5/6. Cos of nightstalker and BL, I can almost Gloom 5-6 times in a row. Disc gets recharged quite quickly esp in big mobs.

My goal is to get up to close to 200k DPS without ShSh or Steady Aim buffs, and not sacrificing AR. ANy ideas? I know it's gonna be a long and expensive process. Haha. Thx in advance dudes!

@ Paksonghip

Sorry missed out on you.. good gear too! I might suggest changing your Andy's for a Mempo. But nothing much to change as well, really!
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Love the chest armor

very jealous

I just started a DH myself, but perhaps a better helm with higher dex/armor?

Rings, ammy all need either cc or cd or both.
@ DrWho

Thx :) But any advice tho LOL

@ PewPewTiuTiu

I'm nowhere in the position to comment on your gear. :) Gd stuff!
Since I didnt get a clear answer I'll go again


Maybe a new set of bracers, overall you are looking quite good.
@ Temna

I'd probably try to change your bracers, pants and gems. Good start but you do need more survivability (AR).
@Temna Shouder: should find a another one with vit.
Quiver: shoudnt use 1hand with quiver, should find a 1 hand xbow 900dps, stat cd socket
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11/15/2012 03:10 PMPosted by TigerBlood
if you have a crit chance build you shouldnt need a high disc pool. you can use nightstalker and something like elemental arrow with lightning ball to recover your discipline. in mobs you'll have constant discipline as long as you dont spam gloom every 3secs.

CC= Crowd Control, not crit chance.
@chaaism probably movement speed on boots , right ring or belt.
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@Fadey, i would change your bracers
what upgrade should i get next? Willing to spend good money
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for sure a trifect or a + resist gloves.
Ive got about 30 mil left in the bank , what kind bracers should I look at?

A higher dex Witching Hour.
thanks beast, whats the price range i should be looking for at a trifecta glove with high CD and CC
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probaly with the same stats u got in your like somethink like 400m
i paid 365 on mine for u get a base

Type 2
i would get a rare bracer with dex, vit 140 +- AR 70 and cc 5%+
and get a inna's pant, will be better them that lacuni with that rare pants you r using :)
Alrealy 3 dh's friends mine take that type and all they have been cool with the idea.
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^ I'm not really sure since obviously you've been a longer DH player than I am, maybe getting a 2slot Manticore? but I bet you're already working on that, so maybe get a legacy natalya sight with a crit chance? ...
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