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next upgrade for the dh above

at 400m would it be better to get a mempo with 4 cc, than gloves? easier to resell also?
movski I would try and get some crit chance on your ammy and a socket in your andys
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11/15/2012 10:06 PMPosted by MUSKYRAIDER
movski I would try and get some crit chance on your ammy and a socket in your andys

Maybe drop the climbers for GG Nat's boots? You'd get the 3 pc nat's bonus too. I think you can do with losing some life...you'd also cap your MS
@ doctaphilly
I'd switch to a disc-less DML with added Dex and Vit. You'd lose only 5 disc, leaving you with 60 disc. You use the Night Stalker passive which helps with disc anyway. This change would shore up your Vit and give some added DPS, especially if you pick a DML that buffs a skill you use.

If you're reluctant to tweak your setup in this manner, the most straightforward upgrade would be your rare ring.
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@ veldin.

Horrible DH... :p

same pants with ar or vit rolls
@deathmuffin your gems need an urgent upgrade. If you don't have enough to do so, DML are way cheaper nowadays and you can afford like one for 3m
@pewpewtiutiu legacy nats. Enough said. Maybe get a manticore 1300dps 2os. But someone my level shouldn't be saying that :/
@DjFallen You could use more AR, Vile ward on shoulders would help.
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@Zerker: i think your right hand ring.

how bout mine?
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@Strider: Very nice set you got there...it's really hard for me to think of your next upgrade, may i guess a Lacuni with Dex, AR and CC?
more Resist
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change your pants to either one with vit or all resist
bob778, next upgrade ...probably higher dex helm or gloves.

I would ditch the AR on the glove for higher dex gloves.
Magic you look amazing to me. I can't see anything that would need a major upgrade. I myself just suck and do bad dps lol
What should I work on upgrading next?
Naramsin I would go a better amulet next

looking good! i'd say save up and upgrade the manti. that will be a huge upgrade.
^ Dont even see any flaws, I'm going to have a laugh at someone helping me upgrade, I have about 10M in funds, so keep shooting ideas at me, and what I should be expecting to get with that much money, thanks!
@ blindshots

honestly, w 10m, you can do a lot. farm ah and find cheap upgrades. weapon first. even a single socket manti, theres some for like 500k i think. regear jewelry and find dex/cc if youre one a tight budget. theres some cheap cc/cd rings as well. just stack as much dex as poss and try to keep vit up as well.

IAS on the gloves instead of intelligence, that is all I can really see. Gear is godly enough, not much more room to grow. Nice work!
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