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next upgrade for the dh above


Man I hate it when its a godly DH above me lol

Ever consider Innas chest piece? You lose +20 disc (oops) but you may gain more ehp and +130dex from innas set bonus :)

Sorry skipped you. Innas belt with vit maybe? You will only lose 19 AR on your current belt.
@testlarage maybe shoulders? or ammu with base stats. do you think i should go lacunis or inna pants for my ms?

Sweet stuff, maybe upgrading the shoulder? Vile yard would be the next thing. Adding some CC or CD on those pads would help.

NEW WEAPON! You can get really cheap high DPS weapons. find one with a socket for CD. look at my weapon for example. Get some CC in your helm. Andarials Visage is real good. For about 25 mil you can up your DPS by about 100K if you do it smart.

Get new Nat boots and Nat chest, something similar to my profile, 190dex on boots (maybe w/o vit depends on your budget) and chest with over 100+ vit. You will lose Dex in the process but the extra 70AR, vit and 7cc will be worth it

Your gear rocks dude. I would swap out the bow for something else though. Maticore w/ 2 socks would give you more crit dmg, but less atk speed. Maybe a WF with crit dmg and socket (expppensive)
i don't really wanna switch outta legacy nats. and I don't think I should swap my ammy or gloves
I would say your belt and left ring is weakest right now. Work on getting that crit chance and crit damage up!

Whoever chooses next upgrade for me, someone already told me to up my gems. I have 18 million at the moment and trying to save up for the highest gem possible. I don't know if its smart to just replace gems for now cause its going to take me a long time to save up enough gold for that. Not sure if I should look in upgrading an item first or focus on gems for a long time Let me know!

A 240dex+ andrial visage maybe a good upgrade :)

Pretty good. Maybe a socketed Andy or an amulet with dex in addition to cc/cd.

halo again.. well maybe your DML.. go for max 19-20 aspd and with bola/hunger affix :)

Hmmm I'd say shoot for a higher end Manticore for cost to increase in damage.
Bah why no love for me? I'm not sure what I should save up for next
@broah, get a 1300+ dps wf.
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^ You need to get farmin on a dope hellfire ring or a good cold damage SoJ.

I'm sure cluster arrow ones are cheaper than most.
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@Daiur Need more Pylons?
^ fixed

Want cold damage soj w/ multishot so I can change night stalker to Cull for farming (note this doesn't work as well for Manticore and saving up for emeralds after getting a big vile ward shoulders with vit).

Still very much in farming mp1 phase.
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I suggest you change your belt, the only benefit it gives you is the armor and dex, prehaps try looking for a cheap dex,vit,all resis, additional armor belt on the AH

The cheapest upgrade would be your weapon gems or vile ward with vit.
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