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next upgrade for the dh above

i suggest not to spend all your gold into single piece of gear.
u might spend abut 10-20m each gear to upgrade ur dh to balance between dps and defend.
discipline is important for higher mp, u might get them as well.
only spend that much of gold on single hear once you feel that you have no problem to farm at high mp.
I have no idea since the person above me is more l33t.

I do need some advice on what to upgrade, though
I have no idea since the person above me is more l33t.

I do need some advice on what to upgrade, though

Perhaps higher CC on both of your rings (one lacks CC)

Change your shield out for a quiver, preferably DML
Not too sure, you've got some pretty nice gear. Perhaps your bracers (a lil more crit chance and AR perhaps).

Aside from my gems and weap, what should I upgrade next?
Also would it be worth getting a mempo with armour (or an andy's with socket?)

Upgrade your gems and, if you're dead set on using an Andariel's, get one with single digit Fire Damage Taken+. 15% is a mediocre roll.

a higher attack speed quiver fa shoooo
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Higher dex nats boots, nats helm with cc
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i got a 4%CC helm in my stash, and those boots are already 100m :(
@amazon get nat embrace for set bonus?

Any advice on what to upgrade next?

weapon,gem,quiver first 3..

and many more.. slowly buddy..
skipped me
@ ANigerian A couple items I'd look into changing. Look for a Vile Ward or Strongarm Bracers. Also maybe thinking about looking at a new belt or go for the Nat's Cloak/Boots combo.

Overall solid build though
@Chocko - Gems, badly need to upgrade those gems in your Embrace.

Note: Already upgraded my Lit for a better ring so you'll have to find another suggestion. :D

ur gear is amazing...

i guess ur ami could use some higher cc but still
@khrushchev prob be dead man legacy
@Flash, just a better manticore bro
i would say a a 2 os manticore :)
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trifect gloves, dex and vit ammy, better shoulder.. err many thinks
your survivability must be pretty good, so im going to suggest you try to get more dps.

belts and pants first. they both need higher dex. will be kind of expensive if you want to keep the vit and Ar. or choose the Inna's combo if you want a higher dps boost. witching hour if you can afford it.

an ammy with some dex. that'll be pricey if you want to keep the same numbers for CC and CD.

one piece at a time. best of luck.

What should my next upgrade be? looking to get to 200k dps.
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