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next upgrade for the dh above

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more dps, vit and AR.
your nat's set sucks. get the new one.
Better manticore, or imo no manticore at all lol.
Your shoulders should be able to be upgraded relatively easily.
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11/17/2012 03:10 PMPosted by OEVS
your nat's set sucks. get the new one.

Yeah sure it does, and u still ge a lower dps the mine, weird right!
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11/17/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Devoit
Your shoulders should be able to be upgraded relatively easily.

A little bit more of ar and ias would be cool.
What should I upgrade next? I have 11 million gold.
Just came back to the game and just like before I quit, I get a bit of gold together and then have no idea what is worth spending my money on..
@ICNebz I would either get CC on your bracers or get CC on your gloves over ias personally.

@Hurfdurf I think you could get a easy upgrade for your chest ^^
Crit chance prowlers ? @stedms

maybe some more crit damage and another inna's for the dex boost but overall nice gear
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chest upgrade? embrace or vast might be
better shoulder probably? 189 dex is not that good for vile ward
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I don't know, upgrade some of your gems maybe?

You seem to have hit a wall with Legacy Nats where any upgradable pieces would be insanely expensive. Ruby in helm is very useful, but I dunno how u could get a good legacy nats helm with socket that isn't a downgrade or outright expensive.

IMO u can consider dropping your legacy for 1.04 Nats, or you could upgrade your manticore.

that's a mighty build.... maybe a 2 socketed manticore?

pretty high dps for your level man props! but i wouldn't use both archery and steady aim at the same time. Since you have high crit chance nightstalker can be a lifesaver. i wouldn't survive long without it. As far as gear goes.. i think switching out one of your rings for a nat's ring would do great things. it comes with attack speed i believe.. add a little cd and your set.
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@ taz I would say your area of opportunity would be your bracers.
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@taizzle nice cc, i would say up your cd to make use of that high cc
I need upgrade... what should I do next ?
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