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next upgrade for the dh above


dont know much about tank set up.. but looks like ur cc is little low (no cc on helm/ammy)
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@movey nice items overall, your calamity is absolutely sick, I wonder how much it's worth?

Upgrade wise, wouldn't you like to have a socket in your nat's sight?
@bertQc, can't see your profile...

@movey - nice stuff, don't know what to add really.. maybe gloves with AR for more survivability , nat ring with CC and/or AR.
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It would be wonderful if one of you fine gents could help me decide on what to save up for.
Much thanks in advance -

Oops. Forgot to post this.
Here's my profile. Comments would be appreciated
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Forgot to link my profile :

@BertQc Nice dps without SS I am envious lol If you had better base stats on the main hand ring like more dex that would work and gems for the chest but thats it, and that is really trying to find stuff. lol
@BoogShoog nice crossbow, maybe more CC or better emeralds on weapons.
Get ride of this boots and grab an Nats, + Natis Ring and it will give you an nice DPS boost i think and u can get ride of SS too. Maybe im wrong, new to DHs. :)
@Decks Maybe some Strongarm bracers for more knockback?
@Oxy - right ring
@ Bert - belt or helm

I would look at some Vile Wards to replace your shoulders. That will boost your dex over 2k and armor over 4k.

Whoever reviews me keep in mine I'm hitting 92k DPS w/o SS and only 9% CC.

I'd probably start working on grabbing some average Nat pieces (Chest, boots, ring). The bonus crit for a 2piece would help a lot.
Meh, can someone suggest what should i upgrade?
That's not how this game goes.
@ Genevan

Would you sacrifice Armor/Dmg Redux and AR for a few CC points? I am looking at some Nat's boots for sure though.

@ Midas

I would upgrade the Bracers (Strongarms/Lacuni Prowlers) and shoulders (Vile Wards) if that was my character.
@Hoff A chest or a quiver with Max Disc. More Vit on all the items. I'll say the pants since they roll 300vit
@Petjz like your gear. Maybe a vile ward for a bit more armor and life regen.
@Nobby Your next upgrades should prolly be your ammy or bracers =D
@Will I think you should upgrade your ring but I am guessing you have one already, but who am I to judge? lol.
Not in much position to offer any help, but would like some!
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