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next upgrade for the dh above

Very nice dh. Maybe new bracers(lacuni) for farming?
Hm, that is a tough one. I think you should start with leveling a DH to 60 :)
Get AR or max disc on your chest or maybe a crit damage litany of the undaunted for your left ring.
@zelfaar I would say upgrade the helm to nat's
@Meteora I would upgrade weapon/bracers. That shouldnt cost you that much to start with.
@SaltyGQ You probably want to get gloves with crit/cd instead of attack speed seeing as you already have a decent amount. AR would top it off.

I would look at maybe getting a Inna's Belt for the Dex bonus, or looking at upgrading your crossbow, you can find some really nice ones with alot more DPS and Main stat or Vit for less the 20mil these days.
@thalos best thing to do is switch you helm to a nats helm that way you can still keep you bonus xp gem as i see thats what your going for ;)

pants. better depth diggers or good ina pants (high res or vit)

BTW: im from EU so here's my profile
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You seem to have BiS for most things. I would say left ring next!
Looks like all upgrades for you Ballomus will be over 100m. Maybe a crit nats ring to get the 7% bonus? Or just trifecta amulet or ring.

Nice gear

iflana - quiver. A 200+dex, 15% attack speed, and 10% crit will be probably be more dps even if you lose the elemental arrow bonus damage. Or a higher damage bow, but the quiver is probably cheaper.
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@ Fivealive - I think New Innas pieces will be a wonderful upgrade. More Dex + movement speed + ias.
@MSK: Your right ring! Get rid of the MagicFind and get a way better ring - you will be killing faster, so this should compensate the missing MF .. :)

Or else, a Natalya's Helm with Crit :p

But, I would definately get rid of some MF and buy more DPS instead... I don't realy have any MF on my Gear and find the same amount of Legendaries as everyone else in my Friendlist (~5-10 per 4h-Afternoon)

Ariyala it says there are no heros on your account?

My actual profile -> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/w0rd-1919/

Someone suggest some upgrades please?
@One: I guess I would upgrade those boots for one with movement speed, maybe trying to start getting some nat's piece would be a good idea!
@One: Get a Dead Mans Legacy Quiver! They are not that expensive but very good! :)

And.. ya.. I am playing on Europe.. :)
So this is my profile:

@Ariyala prolly ug ur gems to the biggest ones
@Xtasis nice gears man.

wad shld i upgrade next?
Vile Ward or Manticore imo

I kinda need help with mine. I hit a brick wall when it comes to upgrading, aside from the hundred of millions of gold type of items, or completely re-gearing for new Nat's for the huge jump in raw stats
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