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next upgrade for the dh above


Switch to a 2h+dml would be my first suggestion but if you want to DW you will want to get your ehp up. Start by getting AR or Vit on your Inna's pants.
I'm going to post again cause I got skipped.

@REVRAC Obviously I have no idea.
@mmike39 maybe some new bracers with crit!!
@ Meow

Your left ring could use a replacement...
@ Apotheosis

I guess new gloves but they are stacked as it is. Love your ammy
@thegreatkhan new wep
@ Anigerian, your belt is really nice, so I would look at getting a Inna's Vast Expanse for the DPS and Armor boost, you can drop a little vit becuase it has 10-12% to life and can roll good dex. Plus you get the 130dex bonus.

your belt is your best shot to upgrade your gear. its not terrible but a little lackluster. your visage could also be changed to a mempo, though that would be crazy expensive. pretty great gear though.

Did that for a basic belt with Dex/Vit/AR+Armor which leads to....

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@diogocme - I don't know if I'd bother with AR unless you have the money. I think I picked up my Litany for a fairly decent price, so that's one thing you can target later to get back more AR. Or get some on your amulet. With enough money, you could also replace your helm with a mempo.

I dropped some AR on the pants after replacing my old ones with Inna's. Sitting around the 400s AR and 4.5k armor, but yeah, AR is really expensive. Inna's pants are great even without AR, because the +24% movement is amazing and it makes up for the lost HPs/AR. Not to mention the IAS...I managed to get @ 1.89 attack per second which is cool for the Manticore!

Which leads to the Mempo.

Do they roll with crit chance and/or IAS? That's the reason I'm sticking with Andariel's, despite the fire penalty thing.

PS: Don't know if my profile is updated - but I managed to hit the 150k with those upgrades.

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Don't forget to rate! =D
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@Thalos: your elm!
The Helm I'm wearing if just for XP farming, I have a and Andy's and Two rings with Dex, Vit, AR, CC, Crit Damage that I use for Ubers or High level MP keys runs.

Your profile is not up to date yet, but looks like to made some good chocies.
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@diogocme: get some new pants asap, similar stats but with sockets would be best.

I can survive just about anything but I want to do way more damage and can't figure out how.
@leviathon pants/boots/armor you want 2 socket pants(innas for a big dps boost)... for your armor consider blackthorns to take advantage of the set bonus boots are decent but could use some more all resist on them, Now I understand you want more dps but if you get more survivability where you can you can gain dps elsewhere
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@stayfrosty maybe get a decent Manticore?
@owl we can't see profile.. also manticore is too slow with chakram as primary damage dealer you need a fast attack I kinda want a nice danettas
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11/12/2012 06:53 PMPosted by stayfrosty
@owl we can't see profile.. also manticore is too slow with chakram as primary damage dealer you need a fast attack I kinda want a nice danettas

I'd upgrade your weapon and dem gems.
i'd say your nat reflect ring is your cheapest item.
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@Lawman: Have you ever considered replace your rare bracer with Strongarm, of course you could lost about 70 AR, but with Vit + life% + Armor and more Dex/Crit chance..I think it's a considerable deal.
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Your gloves just wont do. You've got to add some crit damage to those.

You should also consider a new manticore - the low dps on yours isn't going to cut it. You can find single socketed manticores with decent base dps that will add to your dmg despite you giving up a socket.
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