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next upgrade for the dh above

Nice... i think you should get a better manticore to boost your DPS.

A better Litany ring or a Mempo with crit.
@KingEd, You can probably get a better deadman's legacy

You need better rolled nats, especially the chest and ring. Also, similar gloves w/ AR or VIT would be a nice upgrade
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Maybe a higher base dps manticore or step your gems up to max tier. looking good, getting to the multi-mill an upgrade stage thou ;p
How bout me? o.O

I would get rid of that Andy's helm now lol, the fire damage is too high. After that, basically just looking for better rolls on your innas, and better rings.


find me a manticore that outdps the gold bow I have equiped for 200m and ill give you a cookie!

Can't really comment, incremental increases when funds allow?

Now, how the hell do I crack 200kdps+

Granted, a better manni, but funds be the problem.

basically just looking at better rolls for all of your gear. All of it is midtear rolls. Looking at at least 10M+ per piece.
O O me next ! lol
got 30m to spend, so hit me with the truth of i cant buy a decent upgrade for 30m!!!

your jewellery can use an upgrade if you're looking for more dps. amulet first then right ring.

your belt can be easily upgraded for 30 mil too.

what can i upgrade?! looking to get to 200k dps.
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^ definitely need more attack speed but overall a nice Dh. I would try out a witching hour. The ias and crit damage should cover the loss of the 130 dex. Or try some trifecta gloves for the ias but you will pay big for that same goes for your ammy.

Here is my lower mp lvl build which is solely for farming at a high speed. I put on double socket manti when it's time to get serious!

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man, some dh's have insane gear in here :/

Your Crit Chance seems low - maby bracers with CC ?
i cant see ur profile..lol
I'd say a nice Manticore with 2 sockets instead :)
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Trifecta gloves or getting a amulet with cc and cd
Great looking dh!
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@glitz all i can say for ur gear, the cheapest upgrade would be the gems, get perfect stars at least for all

btw how can u stand ur hp being 49.8k >.< not having 50k would kill me at that point
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Lol yeah man just need to toss a radiant vit gem on my helm to hit 50k. Thanks for the input I am looking for a trifecta ammy ATM so I wasn't going to buy any better gems yet
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