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I would upgrade the source.
@bothem the best upgrade either of us could get would be an open socket chanto wand. Thats the biggest possible dps boost available i think
Better boots or shoulders maybe? I guess that would be the objevtive of everyone. (To get the best type of items, LOL) Blizz should just change (for the better of course) some of the passive skills of Wizards. Too many of them are down right ridiculous. Or Buff Wave of Force and maybe the signature spells? Agree? (Off topic) So ya, boots or shoulders definitely.
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Maysrill -- right Ring or gloves

Just curious, but what about my ring do you think I ought to be looking for? I couldn't remotely afford the one I'm wearing as it is, let alone upgrade it.
@SuperNiño - already good gear so i guess the boots for slotted Ice Climbers
@bokinator- Looking at your gear its all pretty cool and you have 36% movement which is pretty cool but thats more for archon build from what I understand.

So for you I would say convert your BP to a tal rasha set piece with ias that would help your WWCM style you appear to be playing.

I would probably push for som Innas set piece pants as those also carry ias again to help your style. Hope that helps some.

I think you can find a socketed storm crow for very cheap, and it will help tremendously in many ways - socket it for a massive increase in life, exp, Mf whatever you need.

if you can find a rare ring and amulet with some crit I think that will help as well, since you seem to be running an interested version of a CM build.

When you get some $$, tal's armor and witching hour would also be nice additions to your set up.

*as for my set up, I'm actually supposed to have some perfect star topazes in the pants; it just hasn't updated when I switched those pants over from my DH
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@UltimaSlash- maybe some lacuni's with cc and movement speed?
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^ I'd say the amulet. Either higher main stat or IAS/Crit, IMO.
Boots, without a doubt
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what should I upgrade next :) , ty for helping
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@Romeodeaths no clue, you look set. I want to upgrade but everything to upgrade to is 100m+

Your AR is low. Since you're not using BT set bonus, you should probably replace it with rare pants with 90+ Int/ 190+ Vit/ 60+ AR/ 2 OS. They're not that expensive.

You have built up a lot of AR and armor and VIT which you could probably stand to sacrifice some for more dps.

If you have the gold I would suggest either a witching hour or a lacuni with crit chance.

The witching hour is a huge dps boost and the lacuni is a good way to get 24% movement speed which is good for kiting builds and any build looking for more efficiency.

Maybe a crit mempto, but in general more AIS.
@ BDF Your looking pretty solid

I'd say probably your own advice: a crit mempo. Though as grither pointed out, you look very solid indeed.

For me, I'm thinking of making the long trek of saving for an APoC chantodo's source next, one like BDF's, so I can finally put on a crit mempo. Then on to either tal's chest with AR/Armor or start saving for crit nat's ring. good plan, or your take?
What about me? I know I need upgrades but which one first?

I would say you could get a weapon with way better DPS for relatively cheap.

Other observations, you have tons of health but pretty low on AR, sacrifice a little bit of vit for more resistances.

If you are running Archon, I understand that movement speed is important for that and you have none. Firewalkers, Zunimassa's Trail for the feet and Lacunis for bracers to get you up to speed. Hope that helps somewhat.

I have already been rated and I took the advice, if someone wants to throw more advice then by all means. I am however broke atm (400K gold haha) As well, I have a 3 socketed chest with 130 int to swap out for the currently equipped Goldskin.
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If i were you i'd get a new pants and source.
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