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got skipped :(
11/17/2012 01:54 PMPosted by pelaez
got skipped :(

I really feel like a Storm Crow, Inna's Temperance, Unity and Ice Climbers would make your CM-Wiz much better! You definitely need more attack speed, don't neglect that stat ;)

Edit: scratch the Ice Climbers, your boots are already pretty good. But if you can get a Litany or a Unity with attack speed (really expensive tho, around 65m), it'll be great for you.
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@ Ereinset

definitely a vile ward w/ vit, they're pretty cheap and your shoulders are in need of a huge upgrade
or a cc stormcrow
or a apoc chants force so you can go mempo
Ni hao.

drop the blackthorne's pants, overall seems rly good
@NamAhn - I would upgrade your source. They're super cheap. If you go Chanto's APoC can get expensive but your average damage makes me cringe.
Possibly upgrade your echo to a rare with cd +os + ls?

seriously no idea, maybe the bracers. Heard + attack speed is overrated pending on build, but I've also been out for a good bit, not sure on stats.

Sure Ill get some decent advice on myself though.

your next upgrade would be either belt or pants with good ar.
@Multi, I would say you need to beef up for All Res, A pair of depth diggers you can get cheap I'd also look into getting bracers with AR as well.
(I recently upgraded my bracers to lacuni with crit and a zuni pox with crit i got as well, profile not updated yet)
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^ next upgrade should be belt. Those are pretty cheap to get a good belt. I'd recommend getting one like mine.
@Balthazar I'd maybe go for a better chest piece. Big fan of Zunimassa or Tal Rasha for chest.
@Dougaboo Andariel's can roll much higher int, maybe get one with 200+ int and less extra damage taken from fire.
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@lolsworth maybe try getting a zuni chest or tal rasha chest? if not defintly gems
@Justice Depth Diggers or Vile Wards. You don't have much left to upgrade...
@derp I guess upgrading your rings and ammy from one stat to two (IAS, CHC, CHD) wouldn't be costly. Also, your vit is insanely low, I'd try to up it to at least 30kHP (check out my ammy, I had the same issue)

My profile is in EU I got lost here because I was reading a guide
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You need a better chest. More int. maybe some life regen on it as well in addition to AR.
Smartdrive your gloves would be your easiest/cheapest upgrade I think. Depending on your budget I'd say give up some int, or vit or ra in favor of some trifecta gloves (ias, cch, cd).

Also Triumverates are cheap as !@#$.
I got mine for 10k, which is probably less than it's worth, but you might want to use the 'find similar' feature and see if you can get a better one for cheap.

Anyone looking at me please keep in mind I have about 20m to spend at the moment.
Kalix, with 20 millions I would first take 5 and search for an occulus with these factor
Bonus to avr dmg
Intel >150
CC = 10%
Apoc >7
Bonus to elite %6
Bonus to your favorite skill >=4

And when looking for the result try to snap the one that offer the best dps with 4 second bonus to teleport.

With the other 15 millions, I do return to a wand setup, with socket, I see you like slower speed like myself.

Go with a 1.40 wand, 1.2k dps, socket and LoH or LS or Crit Dmg.

If some gold left, try to get a descent soj with over 3 bonus to your favorite skill offering the best bonus vs elite.
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