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Smartdrive your gloves would be your easiest/cheapest upgrade I think. Depending on your budget I'd say give up some int, or vit or ra in favor of some trifecta gloves (ias, cch, cd).

Also Triumverates are cheap as !@#$.
I got mine for 10k, which is probably less than it's worth, but you might want to use the 'find similar' feature and see if you can get a better one for cheap.

Anyone looking at me please keep in mind I have about 20m to spend at the moment.

Get some vile wards. They should be in your budget.

I will have a look into my gloves.

As for the triumvirate. The ones I need for an upgrade are bloody expensive. 666, similar int and vit. And there are not much out there.

Btw. Find similar does not work in legendary items. It only fills the item name. The rest needs to be put in manual. :-)
I'm playing with several variants of CM. Using meteor variants at the moment and prefer over wicked wind so far. Any suggestions with a sub 5m budget?
huhu was skipped :(


Tal Amy, Tal Belt, and maybe even helmet.
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@Kelmort Zuni Boots!! They work wonders :D
Ahah twice I post in this thread, twice i'm being told to upgrade my boots, and yet, still not good enough ahah :)

Zuniboot here it's, but I was hoping for Iceclimber :)
@Kelmort - maybe new ring(the barrier) trifecta maybe? Boots, I agree
i need some gear guidance. don't have much gold because I spent on my alts etc. :-/
i need some help to improve dps while still staying at 1.8 AT and 50% CC
@ Strax & Turbo: Same problem for me before, basically go trifecta in the right places (gloves, rings amulet) Increasing DPS would mean getting those ridiculous helm, belt, bracers (fad for these days since 1.05patch) namely: (with either the combinations of atk spd, hitd damg, hit chance - Mempo of Twilight, Witching Hour, Lacuni Prowlers) And if that wasnt enough, Source with good Average damage (230 or more), vitality bonuses, hit chance 8.5 or more. Boots definetly (Go ice climbers or 3set zunimassa) Really its kinda demanding LOL, then finally the most basic, 1 hand weapon with the basics: intel, (vit), crit hit damage, socketed, Leeching capabilities. Being a Wizard in this world is very challenging. Since the great nerf of Energy Twister; hardly a non-melee Wiz build can survive. I personally do a hybrid one with archon mode for last second boosts, I use either wickedwind or disruption for my enTwsist or ArcTorrent skills. I hope this helps man. You will reach 130k to 200k damage with this guide Im sure. Then hopefuuly start to enjoy playing the game more and more with good friends(coop-games).
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Super, next upgrade is to get a radiant star emerald in that socket.
^ gem upgrades. Interesting build/gear setup tho

Ignore my skill setup im only using archon skill for farming mp1-3 i usually use cm/ww build with nova replacing sparkflint for doing high mp/ubers. also cold blooded replacing unstable as passive so my dps is really only about 150k
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F-Skin, better ring and Chants Force
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F-Skin, better ring and Chants Force

500m + for better chant force with apoc =/ too far out of my budget right now as im going for mempo or lacuni upgrade next
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@ fore

some better rings for your enchantress...

ima noob.
any kind soul can help me up :)
You need more vitality.
^ witching hour,

lacuni or inna temp for more moving speed
Next cheapest upgrade for me? Thinking a higher dmg chantodos force. Everything else seems to be hundreds of millions
within 50M each
may be you can get a better glove, helm and bracer with higher CC
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