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how well does chaos nexus proc cm?
hello, im having trouble deciding what i can upgrade on a 50ish mil budget. i run a spectral blade:healing blades/ archon build 90% of the time. switch out some gear peices to fit cm/ww build.thank you

edit:also with healing blades build i used a 1200dps socket life steal (btw very effective build u should try it :)..)weapon it isnt showing on profile

you should build up some more all res
Your wiz seems pretty solid. the obvious upgrade would be your belt. A double rolled int hour, holla!
@Dystopia; Your rings could get a little more crit damage and int in my opinion.

I know my Wizards basically crap right now. Just trying to get enough gold to afford stuff.
how well does chaos nexus proc cm?

Better than forked lightning, but my main reason for using it is for more killing power outside of archon, not to proc cm. WW is best for that.

Forked Lightning: 16.7% per target hit, and I believe the bolts generated on crit have a proc of zero. Hits up to 3 targets = 6 hits per second @ 2 aps = 1 proc per second

Chaos Nexus: 11% per target per tick + 11% per target per tick of the sub-beam. Ticks are twice per second. Only need to hit 5 targets with the beam to generate more procs than FL per second. Only 3 targets if they're within range of the sub-beam as well.
I'm with Shelendil. This build rocks.

To next poster: My TR neck is not on char atm; its 10cc/61cd/270int/100vita/6% cold/64AR
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I'm with Shelendil. This build rocks.

To next poster: My TR neck is not on char atm; its 10cc/61cd/270int/100vita/6% cold/64AR

for proc rates i've used this... eliminates questions ;p (if it was done right NOT my work)

This is the correct table to use. However, it does not include tick-rates, which are thrice per attackspeed for disintegrate; on each 1/3 of attack time we get a tick on each target and a few CN beams.
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If anyone has an upgrade for me please let me know. I'm trying to finish this build so I can actually work on getting to Paragon 100.
@ chardic43

Socketed chant with 100% gem, Witching Hour. This will be a huge DPS boost
@chardic43--you're going to need a lot more health, all resist, and armor. also, you're going to want a chant force to complete your chant set. i would try stacking more all resist and health over dps...otherwise you will be dying alllll the timeee. also, even if you're sitting at a low dps, you're going to dish out a ton of damage if you use the build correctly. it is better to be able to take a couple hits and kill something over a slightly longer period of time than to die 5 times on a single elite pack. good luck!
@chardic43 - Switch out your int/dex vile wards for some int/vit ones. Then maybe pick up some lacuni's with cc if you have the $$. You have no + movement speed it looks like :(1
@chardic... if u want to para grind go archon build. u can use a tri. source.(u can find a decent one for a few millys) it will add to your crit chance and add lots of dps. i also suggest getting a life steal socket black weapon. works well with the tri. if you go this way u can get urself some innas pants for this build.
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lol what MP are you running? this seems like a ton of exp gained per run?
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lol what MP are you running? this seems like a ton of exp gained per run?

ikr i want a cains set:)
I don't have that kind of gold. I only have 300k gold so it is hard for me to buy stuff. :/
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A better source won't cost you a lot... 200 average dmg set sources for about 5-6M
I need a chatando set and i would also like a zuni ring too.The loot gods have not been nice to me QQ. Best thing i found was a nat's ring @ 130 mil and that was months ago.
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