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Stone of Jordan clarification

Dear D3 forum community,

I did a quick search for this topic but I didn't find any conclusive answer. I'm hoping that the more experienced D3 community (or dare I hope, a blue) can help me clarify the function of this item

Item link

In summary, it has
1. +Ele dmg
2. Bonus vs Elite
3. Bonus to class resource and skill

1. If I use arcane based skills, do I get bonus wearing "6% to holy damage" soj?
2. If I do, is that based on the final calculated damage or skill damage? Example, if I use 175% weapon damage spell, will it become 181% weapon damage or 185.5%?
3. Will the elemental damage be multiplied by other skills or runes? For example, the Arcane Torrent rune Disruption increases arcane damage taken by 15%. Will 6% to arcane damage soj become 6.9%?
4. Is bonus vs elite based on the final calculated damage or based on your skill damage? Similar as question 2

Thank you very much
Sara the wizard
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That blue post answered questions 1 and 2. I'm also guessing that answer to question 3 is a Yes.

Question 5. Does the bonus to elite affect intermediate bosses, such as Ghom and Skeleton King, end of act bosses, key wardens, and/or the new über bosses?
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I'm really hoping that people who already have the ring and have done tests on it can tell me about it =/
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The + x% increases your base damage of the non-elemental damage (example 100-200 range damage +5% goes to 105-210). If you have elemental damage on top of the base damage no increase ever - pretty much ignore what is written as the players have tested this a lot.

I am not sure if the damage is Base +(all =% added together) or Base * 1+increase *1=increase. Not likely a big deal as very few items near the end game for damage really stack as only the stone of jordan is really an end game item.

Bonus vs. Elite is a straight increase to your regular damage when they get hit.

I think that all "named" monsters count as elite, not just elite packs.
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The blue answer really hasn't clarified it for me, as the quote is:

"The '+x% Elemental Damage' affix works by adding "x%" of your physical damage to your attack, in the form of the damage type listed.

but on the ring, the wording is "+X% TO elemental damage"

A minor difference, but to me, the ring wording says it is adding a damage percentage TO a required, already established elemental damage.

If it really is as the blue has said, then they really need to get rid of the word "to."

Or a blue needs to respond with a specific wording or example (like SoJ or Inna's Favor) to further clarify.
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