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I perhaps have one of the worst dh of all time. I'm currently doing [slow] act 3 alkaizer runs in mp3 and getting raped despite having 62k hp (with boar). My dps is !@#$ to say the least (72k w/o ShS and 170k+ w/ ShS) and I am broke as hell. Could you guys please give me some advice on my skill build/items/farming spots? Thanks
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I'm no expert since I'm a nooby myself but at 1st glance, I noticed your armor and AR are pretty low.
guess you could start upping those first (could get a decent gear about a few 100-atmost 700k to up those stats while maintaining others) and you might notice an improvement in survivability.
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dml for sure
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You should really be doing lower MP levels for XP leveling/farming. Definitely get a higher quality ruby in your helm.
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get better CC on your quiver, but above all, try to reach 350 AR, or at LEAST 300 if you want to survive ...
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stop playing mp3?
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you are dying for a reason.

1> super low AR
2> super slow Attacks Per Second (APS)

only ASI I see is on quiver and baked into the manti itself. with lower damage output you are shooting so slow you are being closed in on running MP3.

one thing you can "try" is replace your sentry with SPIKED TRAPS/ECHOING Rune.

Then when they come at you you just lay 2-3 spiked traps at your feet and they start blowing up. This is way more effective than the sentry for you to survive. The spiked traps have a nice AOE for multiple enemies where the sentry is single target shooting and there to help mitigate some damage with the bubble.

The goal is to not prolong the fight and survive. The goal is to kill quickly and not die. What I'm seeing is you are mostly using skills to just "survive".

For the time being I'd also test removal of BOAR and replace with preparation/backout or the rune that refills some health. Then when they close in on you you have spiked traps .. and can activate your SP:GLOOM and you have 5 seconds right there to kill what is in front of you. Shadow power ends... re-shadowpower again. If you can't kill the mobs in 10seconds worth of shadow-power based on your DPS and using spiked traps at your feet to kill 'em when they close in... then you are just playing too high of a MP level IMO
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Do MP1
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to be honest your DPS is more than mine, but I do pretty well soloing. I just got into Inferno and haven't died since Nightmare. I love my bow.
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Yeah the biggest problem is you're playing at a level that's too high for your character.

Focus on MP0/1 and improve your resistances and armor for survival. You want to be balanced. DPS is one thing, but if you're constantly being one-shotted you're doing it wrong.
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with that amount of AR,dont even consider using boar..wont help much
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Do MP1; if you can't one hit mobs, you are too high for exp. If you are doing key runs, then sure, bump it up to 5+
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thanks guys for the advice. I'll try it out
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