So a Monk friend and I have found a pretty effective synergy for our MP5+ Key Farming and Uber Runs.

Defensive Buffs

Resolve, a Monk passive: "Damage you deal reduces enemy damage by 20% for 2.5 seconds."

Bad Medicine, a WD passive: "Whenever you deal Poison damage to an enemy, their damage is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds."

These two combine for a whopping 36% total damage reduction from every enemy that you come into contact with.

Offensive Buffs

Mantra of Conviction w/Overawe, a Monk skill: "Increases the strength of Mantra of Conviction so that enemies take 24% additional damage and 48% for the first 3 seconds."

Hex w/Jinx, a WD skill: "Hexed targets take 20% additional damage."

Mass Confusion w/Paranoia, a WD skill: "All enemies in the area of Mass Confusion take 20% additional damage for 12 seconds."

These three skills applied together, increase total damage taken by affected enemies by ~71%. Coordinate this combo against Elite packs, throw in a Seven-Sided-Strike, and they disappear!

This is my main build in-case my Profile doesn't reflect it (I play around with skills a lot)!XaU!bcaZYZ

Any thoughts or other interesting 2+ character combos that you wanna share? :)
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