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Are followers still wet noodles?

Before I quit my enchantress spent 99% of her time following me as a ghost. Just finished buying some decent gear for my new enchantress without spending a ton of gold:

Weapon: 1266 DPS Grand Vizier with 301 int and 44 MF
Amulet: 164 int and 44 MF
Ring: 150 int and 17 MF
Ring: 150 int and 17 MF
Focus: 233 int

Then I realized none of them have vitality. I bought all of those in a hurry cause they were dirt cheap and I think I got all of them for around 600k total. But is she going to constantly be dead with no Vit or did they finally toughen them up so they arent dead 100% of the time?
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Vit is of little value now compared to all the other primaries.

Any heals followers get are not % life based. Globes, LoH, LaK, LS, Regen, so vit is the least effective contributor to EHP.

Your 'chantress gets AR from stacking int, str is good for armour too, dex doesn't hurt for dodge. I had my girl at a lovely balance of the stats with only 25k hp, I've recently minmaxed her a bit more and lost armour and vit, she only has 15k hp now but with decent regen and over 4k intel, she survives well. Of course there is the little matter of her AoE critting for near 500k that helps. She's knocking on the door of 22k stat sheet dps.

If you use her primarily for MF, though, dead or not, you get the MF.
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without resist and vit they wont tank or survive
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A patch a while back buffed them considerably. Essentially plague pools, desicrations, and molten don't insta-gib them. They die, but it takes A LOT longer for that to happen now. I suppose once every few elite packs I'll notice they're dead after the battle is over.
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They only take 10% damage now, however, get the HP to 50k then should be good to go
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Desecrations still kills them instantly
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