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Who else enjoys characters' emotive actions?

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Thanks for bringing this up. I had no idea this existed and I have been playing for 6 months wishing I had a quick way to talk with the party.
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I use them, but it's annoying I can't Town Portal and use emotives at the same time

I believe this can be rectified easily
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11/01/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Sucrilhus
When someone revive me, I press numpad 3 for "Thanks a lot"

I ALWAYS do that and I can tell you that I feel alone doing it, I've never met someone do it (or maybe one a long time ago) but I see a few type "thanks" or "thx" or whatever.

I think pressing the single number 3 key is shorter and funnier. I don't use other often but it happened that I called for help while running around trying to escape some bad asses. Hehe I feel like a little girl crying "Mom!" when that happen.
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One of my friends uses the emotes all the time and its funny because occasionally I play with him with other friends who have their sounds crazy high... This sometimes has them jump in their chair as an unfamiliar voice speaks to them and it sounds like its in their room. Gets them every time...
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11/01/2012 10:28 PMPosted by Ataxîa
they're kinda gay. Makes me mad when people use them especially adults.

Yeah, because calling something gay is the epitome of being an adult.
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I like to use them, but I don't see anyone else doing so.

When someone revive me, I press numpad 3 for "Thanks a lot"

Sometimes when I revive someone, I press 9 for "Let's do this!" (or "Ready to go!") (I know it's actually meant to be as me saying I'm ready...but whatever)

I wish there was a button that said something like "You're incredible!" to complement some nice dps player I find...

and another that said "Congratulations!" ( for example, when a hardcore friend passes one more level. )

I never used emotive actions like "This is for you" or "Run!" ...

and I'm wondering how far can people hear if I press "Help me!" button...

If someone is on the same dungeon as me...but really far away... and I find an elite mob... if I press 0, will the guy hear it?

Anyway, the point of this topic is to know if other people also like to use emotive actions, or even give ideas for new ones.... :)

Like you, I love using emotes, however, I don't like the fact that sometimes the same emote won't say the same thing.

For instance, sometimes I want to say "Wait for me" and instead my Wiz will say "Just one second here". Sometimes I want to say "Let's do this" but she'll instead say "Ready to go".

I wish I could get her to say exactly what I want all the time. :(
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I use these all the time:

  • Thank you. I press this on res, when I res someone, when someone drops a rare for me, or when a godly char melts an Elite.
  • #6 (Die!) Useful while waiting for the Boss to hurry up and finish talking.
  • #7 (Run!) Always at that slow lady you rescue from the spider web.
  • #4 (My bad) On Res if I died like a punk. Or took too long in town.

I really really wish they had put in:

  • Greetings! And welcome to this awesome party!
  • Whoah that was tough! Almost bought the farm.
  • Man, that was awesome! WE ROCKED!
  • Excuse me while I just go to Town and sell all Blues and put all Rares in my stash.
  • Goblin here!
  • Baddies over here!
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Heh I didn't even know emotes existed.
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11/01/2012 10:28 PMPosted by Ataxîa
I have a bad tendency to never use these emotes, but I feel like I need to get into the habit now. Thanks for bringing this up! I am a fan of how small gestures like this help influence a more engaging atmosphere in games.

For the love of everything, DONT.

Also emotes were awesome when I was 12. Now they're everywhere they can be and they're kinda gay. Makes me mad when people use them especially adults.

Shut up.
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For the love of everything, DONT.

Also emotes were awesome when I was 12. Now they're everywhere they can be and they're kinda gay. Makes me mad when people use them especially adults.

Well now I know why I'm the only one who uses them. Obviously everyone else in D3 hates them and is enraged when someone dares use them in public.

I will stop using them now in order to spare your feelings.
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I wish they kept "laugh" emote. It was so hilarious seeing the beta video on the laugh's before the emote was taken away.
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My friend and I use the "die" emote constantly. It never loses it's funny. Never.
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The only time I use them is when I hit page up because the scroll up button for chat is awful, and page up happens to be bound to one. They're not flavorful enough for me to care, and they're not loud enough / clear enough to be useful. More so not when I'm on vent with friends, if they where loud and clear, I -might- use them in random public games. And if they where flavorful and neat, I'd use them just for kicks.
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I use them a lot, but to be honest, sometimes they're pretty bad. Each emote has multiple lines but sometimes each line for the same emote can have slightly different meaning. I always find myself pressing the button hoping for one line but get a completely different one. For instance, when I revive someone, sometimes I like to say "I'm sorry" as a condolences, but instead it will say "My fault" which isn't really what I wanted.. And the taunting button has a lot of variations that I usually just don't use it because I'm confused weather or not it's better to use before or after a fight.. I kinda wish the expansion would add more emote lines. Maybe the option to customize which specific lines are used per button. Also, the character animations don't match up with the lines very much at all. Hopefully that can be improved upon as well. These are such minor problems, but it's the little things that count.. Just my two cents.
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