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All trade topics must be reported

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EU forums trade is not permitted in the class forums,

you should spend more time there imo
nothing will be done about it here
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EU forums trade is not permitted in the class forums,

you should spend more time there imo
nothing will be done about it here

From the US trade forum stikies

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Doesn't say you can't post trades in this forum.

"Threads of this nature posted outside of the Trading forum may be removed without notice, and may result in a suspension if the post violates Code of Conduct or forum posting guidelines."

And with the amount of trades you see in other forums, I doubt they care.
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reported for trolling
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zzzzz lol! thread.
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IDK but i think the OP is correct.
Seperate sub-forum would be best solution to this, so all the buyers and sellers can go in each trade sub-forum of each class.

That would result in a much better overall forum.
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OP- Report away you are not going to get banned. I must have reported 2 pages of wts treads a day and nothing happened. Bliz doesnt care either way lol.

To this day a lot of wts threads are just pointless. It is so rare that people actually see something thats worth buying that they make it a point to say so haha "Wow this is actually godly good roll, ect". People post up WTS with no end time on it or buy out.

My current thoughts of why Blizzard does not want sub forums is because it would encourage people to not use the in game AH. To a degree I agree with them.

Currently there a lot of scammers on both sides (buyer&sellers) not sure why anyone would bother really. I rarely... rarely see an item that is better than something on the in game AH. And even if i did there is no way I am going to risk my gold with a stranger. Not sure if Bliz truly fixed the trade window, but I still see scammer threads being posted.

So yah... no one is going to get banned for spamming bumps or reporting people for spamming bumps. Nor will people get banned for policing people who try to police people.

So feel free to mess with people's wts wtb threads as much as you like and other peeps feel free to post up omg ban the forum police. Neither one of you is getting anywhere quick.
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My thread in the DH forum selling my Manticore was reported and deleted by Blizzard.

So I created a new one by copy / pasting from the exact same thread I created in the Trade forum. Took me all of 10 sec and the new thread wasn't removed.

My Manticore sold within a few hours (was contacted in-game by someone who saw my thread).

Nice try wasting your time reporting. I love seeing items for trade in the DH forums as it's harder to find DH items amidst the sea of items for other classes in the trade forums.

Cry some more if you don't like it lolz... in the meantime I will continue to utilise the DH forums to sell my stuff and to shop for gear myself.
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Have you ever tried to post something on the trade forum? In about 2mins its 3 pages back. People post stuff there but its fairly unreadable even to get a PC. Sub forums would help I suppose.
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it's pointless when no one enforces it. It's so easy to make a sub-forum for each class in trade, but no one still does.

Maybe blizz is being cheap, maybe the admins are understaffed, or maybe they just don't care?

we'll never know the reason why this 10 minute change to create a sub forum isn't happening. They just added a PTR forum, and haven't thought about this yet?

There's a good thread in the main discussion on how a lot of issues can be improved in 5 minutes, it's just that they don't bother

The best solution is to just accept that some people don't have common sense and move on
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I don't mind it...
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NyGhost got banned in the barb forum because he pissed off so many people that everyone started reporting him for harassment. If you are going to report threads, do so without drawing any attention to yourself. When you take people who otherwise wouldn't care about a trade thread and get on their bad side by trying to police the forum, you will become the target. Nobody likes that person. It is a game. Get over it.
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