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Most Geared MP10 Team in D3 Doing Ubers

I'm actually interested to see if this wager happens....I would even be willing to be a sit-in for Joch, die, and record Enxius doing such a feat and put it on Youtube.

I really have no horse in this race, I just think everyone on here knows how much I love a good challenge, and I would be interested to see the outcome.

Get back to me on this Enxius, I'll even supply the portals.
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12/05/2012 10:43 PMPosted by Arthur
Yo I would like some fun too, Enxius if u can carry me in mp10 uber and solo it while I'm dead I will gladly give u 100mill tax free lol but if you fail just give my 50mill for wasting my portal. I'm ready whenever u r.

if i were you, i would spend that 100m for upgrades =P
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Woah, this is one exciting thread.

In all honesty, Enixius build is definitely more suited for team play (cold SOJ WW for crowd control) while Joch's rend build with a 2 hander (%%%*!#*%@ did u get that 1.5k skorn from?)obviously gives him the edge to solo mp10. Hard to compare an apple with a cucumber right?

In terms of uber farming efficiency, nothing beats a good uber team (2 dps and 1 CM WIZ with >3 att speed and >50% cc will render the ubers useless)

But in terms of being able to solo carry 3 people on board, Enixius stats wouldn't be sufficient.

Please post of video of you doing a solo carry! Thats gonna be so fun!
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Bump....is this gonna happen?

Got my recording software all ready to go.
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friend request sent, wats up bro, where u at bro, come outta the corner stop hiding bro come get ur 50m
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This will be interesting.... C'mon people
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C,mon people.... Bump....
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Its uploading kids
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UFC 888. Joch Vs Enxius.
Is there gonna be a live stream?
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Post video ASAP! Barb community anxiously waiting... Wooot!
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I took the time to make this video even though I have company presently and I have final exams ongoing this week and next. Not like anyone cares, or like this vid will change anything since lets face it this is blizz forums, wouldnt be Blizzards Forums without the emo noobs whining and crying complaining about something would it!

Each Mp10 Uber Encounter 1 shotted my second time ever attempting.

I even forgot to swap in my % life radiant before the run in the helm so I did the entire run using an xp red helm gem lol but thats ok its only +7,000 hitpoints (inventory opened at 0:07, 4:47, 7:31)


Emo noobies complain please about a 'group barb' soloing the ubers, how that cheater glass cannon group barb didnt solo mp10 to your liking, your bumping this thread gets us our customers! Thanks, Preesh.
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Joch took 5 days to send a friend request and waited an hour after I recorded this clip so thank him for not being able to see him pay me 50 mil, or bail (im guess this) since Ubers deal the same damage no matter which player number it is the outcome would be the same.
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hi. lol joch got sht on.

dont call ur self #1 carry hahaha
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My solo vid has nothing really to do with my team's efficiency I'm not geared for solo play but I can handle my own in 1 player game.

You didnt need a video to see this team is number 1. Not to brag or anything, but come on :P 15 minutes 3 mil and you get your guaranteed hellfire ring. How many minutes do Joch carry's take? For the same price?
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Ok ok..hmm a couple of osbservations.

Enxius I will not begrudge you the number of elite kills. However, that said looking at your base stats on diablo progress you are listed at 150k with your passive skills about 185k dps.

Anyone can pump up stats. I can make my 2h 193k dps with passive skills pump up to 473k dps and an ehp up to 2763450 with no problem.

You could still get people to join your groups with just your 185k dps. Better to advertise the true stats up front. Lol..with my stats I have to fight people off with a stick who want me to join a group.

One other thing that was said by another poster. It usually takes many attempts to get a decent hell fire ring. If someone else does brings the portals it does not cost you or your partners any of your time to collect the machines. Just a thought. Maybe like 2 mil since it only takes 20 min that would still be 6 mil in an hour split into your group plus all the orange and green items and free chance yourselves at hellfire rings.

Another poster spoke about bash and they are right. Either bash with punish or onslaught would be better for overall damage.
Edited by Gigantuous#1576 on 12/7/2012 2:38 AM PST
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D3 progress doesnt include SoJ damage, which makes up about 1/4 of my actual DPS. or the 25% increased damage from my frenzy gear..so, yah.
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Dont get me wrong theres way WAY more geared barbs than me. I've got several on my friends list who destroy me. I never made any claims saying I was the best barb but if you can find a better 'hellfire team' thats the best which I did indeed claim, who can clear as fast for the price be my guest ;P

Link please.
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As a side note I will be busy with school studies for one week (as well as my main team) we have dozens of friend requests pending we probably wont be able to get to you for 7 days but proceeding this period we will be pounding out hellfire runs like schools out.

Feel free to shop the http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/7627092/ , LFG forum, for ring runs.

Edited by Enxius#1327 on 12/7/2012 3:04 AM PST
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are u guys still doing runs?
i just added u but no reply
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