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New idea: 'refurbish' items in D3

I don't know if anyone has come up with an idea like this, haven't dug through the forums but this is what i was thinking.

I had this idea yesterday that it would be nice if blizzard gave us a way to 'refurbish'/re-roll items. What I mean by that is that there would be a way to re-identify an item with which you were not happy with (low stats/wrong stats for your class/etc.)

How this could work:
- you find a rare or legendary
- you ID, lets assume you are not happy or want something better
- you take the item to a artisan (new or existing)
- you provide the required materials+gold and the artisan re-furbishes/re-crafts your item
- you now have an unidentified item
- you ID your new item, it is the same item only with a new roll of stats (might be better or worse)

It would be silly to be able to refurbish your items countless times, so there should be certain limitations, for example:

- there should be a cap on the max amount of times you can refurbish
OR every time you refurbish, you have an increased 25% chance to 'destroy the item'

- It should be visible/clear to other players if this is an refurbished item and how many times it has been refurbished

- materials required to refurbish an item are salvaged materials (so all those brimstone's can actually be put to use)

- introduce new materials that have a chance to drop when you have 5 valor buffs (equal drop chance from elites and normal mobs, so people will have less tendency to rush through a dungeon searching for elites): [fire + earth + lightning + wind + water] or [angelic fire + tainted earth + demonic metal + holy water + corrupted wood]

- refurbished items do not yield materials when salvaged

- a cooldown timer on the 'refurbish artisan'

I think that this would add another dimension to the game, another reason to be on the grind, another spark of hope that when a legendary actually drops after hours of farming you have a second chance to get something good. It would breathe new life into the craft-able materials business, cause lets be honest.. who actually bother to use the craft system anymore?

I just made this stuff up.. let me know what you think.. if players like the idea maybe a blue can forward this to the development/management team :)

Edit: I just noticed i posted on the US forums, I play on EU.
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