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Can't keep wrath of berserker up

I just regeared my barb after a few months away from D3 and I can't seem to be able to keep Wrath of the Berserker up.

Do you notice any glaring problems in my gear or spec that would be causing this?

Or is it more of a L2p issue?

If so, can you offer me any tips on how to keep it up? I see streamers running full a3 runs and almost never coming out of WOTB.
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Took me awhile to figure out how to keep up wrath. You're using the right skills. You need to spam run like the wind and battle rage. Keep your tornadoes hitting enemies with your fastest weapon. You'll hear constant clicking when its the correct weapon.
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I'll try it out, thanks man.
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Why do you spam battle rage? Does Into the Fray not stay up for the entire 120 seconds or is there some other benefit I am missing? I haven't tried this build yet but I am looking to try it out soon.
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With WOTB up with the rune for every 25 fury gained wrath stays up for one extra second. You must spend fury to gain fury. If fury is full you cannot gain anymore thus the extra seconds won't be added. So you have to constantly use skills. When you run out completely hit an enemy or barrell then run like the wind!
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high ASP OH, more ias/cc. consider a mw as well if youre serious about perma wotb
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exactly, I try to keep hitting Sprint or ITF until I am below half fury, because with proper WW + Sprint you gain Fury so fast you need to dump it somewhere to keep adding time to the Wrath. If you can't keep Fury Full, that is another issue and need faster attack speed and higher crit chance.
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Good call, didn't even think about getting caught maxed out. Thanks for the reply.
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Also my attack speed is terrible but I can get up wrath for a good 2-4 mins.
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I'm getting a little better at keeping it up, but it still goes down if im not constantly in combat...

is my offhand weapon too slow? could that be the issue? or is whirlwind effected only by mainhand speed?
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shameless plug, I made a video instruction, it's the third one down
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