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if i was blizz i would be embarassed...

riot games came out with LoL only i think 2 or 3 years ago and they were able to host a 1m prize pool tournament.

blizz has been open i think since the late 90's with wow being run for like 5+ years now, and they host a sc+wow tourn with only 500k TOTAL (which mean it's not 1 winner)

LoL gave 1m to 1st place and i think 250k to 2nd and so forth until 4th place.

i didnt write this to crap on blizz...i just thought it was kind of degrading towards their company considering they were outdone by a new one.

not to mention WoW is b2p+sub (also SC is b2p) and LoL is f2p.

just goes to show you who really cares about what :D
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cool story bro. tell me more.
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$500k is a lot of cash. I wouldn't complain.
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The only reason LoL hosted a million dollar tournament is because they're scared of Valve and DOTA 2. The International is already a better run tournament with a better prize pool than anything LoL has to offer (hai guyz wanna see the minimap during a million dollar tournament? Np we'll put the monitor right here for you guys).

Also if you add up all the money SC2 pro players earned from tourney wins, even if you just stay in Korea, you'll go above 1 million / year anyway, and SC2 is a solo game, you don't need a prize pool that's good even when split between 5 people.
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well lol has gone to crap, i get put with nubs all day im so tired of it. cant wait for dota 2 it looks fun (though i neved played 1)

also, i dont play sc so idk if the tourney prizes are player or blizz generated, if its from blizz then i retract my statement.

just logged onto d3 site and i saw the tourn ad and was shocked to see them offer a smaller pool prize, just made me nod like...lol 2 yrs old and gives more.

but 10 yrs from now lol will sell out and turn out like blizz anyways

sry if i offended any fanbois and thnx cm for redirect :D
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Pro-SC2 players make a good chunk. Most get salary which is enough to live off and prize money is just a bonus, plus a ton of free stuff from sponsors.

Just think Day9 makes like +100k a year from SC2 and he doesn't even play.
<3 Day9 <3
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