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Difficulty in 100% uptime WOTB

I've been reading forums here and there, finding and trying out different variations of the WW build to be able to keep up WOTB for as long as possible. However my current build, based on Acrimony's throw+WW build still can't sustain WOTB all the way for me. I'm not sure if its due to mob density that I'm unable to keep WOTB up.

I'm pretty comfortable in doing mp5, mobs die pretty fast so I'm not sure if things would be better if I had done higher mp levels. And again, I'm not sure if the key to 100% uptime in WOTB is simply a 5 piece IK set plus a mighty weap?

Would appreciate if some kind souls could help explain a little.

Oh and heres my profile
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Get some cc on your ammy. Your cc is almost where it should be. Closer to 30 on gear is the goal. Also you will want to start working in IAS on all possible spots. You shouldnt have to rely on IK5 and a mighty weapon to maintain wrath.

The farm route is also important. If you are doing full act3 clears, dont expect to have 100% wrath. Alkaizer run's allow you 100% uptime.
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on mp5, even with 150k+ dps, i still keep my wrath on maximum uptime, i believe its just on the technique you use generally, but on gear, just focus more on crit. chance and IAS, and use bash with instigation to finish off mobs and not get your fury drained.
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Your gear looks fine. As PhatPhoEater already said, some extra CC would help. Depending on on your MP, it's possible you're in one with monster HP too low to help you sustain properly.
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Would it be good if I switched one of my weaps for an Echoing Fury? Just picked one up tho.
Or should I just keep my current weaps?
Heres the stats to the Echoing fury
1036 dps
1.44 attacks per second
2.6% lifesteal
13.3% fear

Oh yea I just did mp7 and I find it much easier to maintain wotb. However still no 100% uptime. I'm guessing I'll need more attack speed/movement speed?
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It would certain help with sustaining having leeching in your offhand.
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So I should sub my offhand sword with that echoing fury?
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if you want fast exp and loot, a mighty weapon is vital for wotb especially in lower mp levels, you can run mp1 with 200k+dps buffed using a mighty weap and good crit & ias, makes a huge difference over using an axe or mace.
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More ias + cc

Well I'm just guessing since I didn't inspect ur profile lol. Usually the case :p

Btw doing higher mp just to substain ur wotb isn't wise imo unless ur gears allow u to kill those mobs at that particular mp lvl efficiently.

Efficient in my context = without much effort
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Thanks for the comments guys. Will slowly change my gear to get more speed and cc. Probably lacuni prowlers and a new ammy.
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