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Life After Each Kill - What do you think?

11/13/2012 01:00 PMPosted by Nicfit
Although flesh of the weak (or w/e the name is) helps your party somewhat, you lose the utility (the end tick) on high hp mobs for a 12% gain, i'm sure with enough dps it'll even out

What end tick are you speaking of? If you meant the 30% explosion, The flesh is weak rune does not remove that.

Also, I dislike lashing tail kick, doesn't give me enough bang for my spirit, not to mention the annoying knockback (except for that stun rune, which doesn't work on elites or bosses). I WANT the mobs to be packed closely together so sweeping wind can hit all of them.

Yes, exploding palm costs more spirit per application, but it lasts 9 seconds.

You are not wrong though, a well placed LTK would definitely yield an instant massive heal.

My point was that if you focus your dps on the target marked with palm, you do not have to wait till the last second for the heal. It will not be instant, but neither will you have to wait long.

The versatility of exploding palm : the flesh is weak is that it is useful in both group and solo play. I can imagine pissed off party members were I to perform a lashing tail kick and scatter mobs everywhere.
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This is how I view it. I have LAEK on my ammy, but it wasn't an attribute I was seeking...just a bonus.

For me, the advantage over +extra health globe is that I don't need pickup radius to make it effective. The thing with extra health globes is that you need 2 affixes to actually make it work. LAEK would appear to be those two rolled into one. Unfortunately, LAEK is only available on jewellery and weapons, taking up very valuable space in the stats, while pickup radius and health globes are on armor (easier to get).

This whole discussion has been eye-opening and very informative. Thanks to all who have shared your views so far! :)

Right...I see what you mean. Definitely, between health globe bonus and LAEK, I would opt for the latter. LAEK is more...practical, I guess. But I still see the two affixes in the same light, as I'm not *trying* to include either in my build.

However, I do admittedly get a slight (false) sense of security from it since I have only 3% ls. :/ Lol
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Nameless, I look at it this way:
  • If I'm slumming (i.e., farming at a level I can easily handle), it doesn't matter whether I have LAEK or not because everything will die before it does me any serious damage.
  • If I'm running at a solid farming level, which I define as "just below the level at which I can't kill a goblin without a shrine," I could take it or leave it. I'll take some damage in battles, and it will help in a white-and-elite mix, but it won't tip the scales one way or another.
  • If I'm challenging myself, which I define as "the level at which I can't kill a goblin without a shrine, or the next level after that," it's good, but I wouldn't go out of my way to lead elites to whites to take advantage of it. Why? Because the whites will deal more damage than I recoup from LAEK. So it's a good thing to have if the elites and the whites are already mixed at the start of the battle, but playing at that level isn't really about farming efficiently, which might make the point moot for this post.

For my monk, MP0 and MP1 are "slumming," MP2 is "solid farming," MP3 is "the level at which I can't kill a goblin without a shrine," and MP4 is "the level above that."
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