Diablo® III

Blade Wings on DH !



Pic: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LwTbv4Kc8nJowuP63-YlvhScCbBv4eD4qLp1G4-MKTWw0OrqBd7O2aWfQLcclb0zCFWF53bs7bQ
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I saw. Its tempting to spend the extra $20 for those.
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what wings are you talking about?

nvm lol i saw it.
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yeah i normally avoid getting the extras and just get the basic version but in this case i think it would be pretty sweet
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hey i have a 1 socket manticore with 300 dex and 89% crit d

add me in game i would like you to equip my manti to see if it does more dps than your 1300 dps to my 1050 dps w 300 dex and mors cd.

i have a dual socket now so im interested to see how the main dps affects overall damage
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What are you guys on about?
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unless the zerg wings give me 10% CC and 9% ASI ..... who cares about 'em to just wear when they do nothing..... didn't understand that with the other ones either.... *shrug*
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Any idea yet on what it does? specs?
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To My knowledge they do nothing.
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Rabidchimp needs to brush up on his browsing fu!


And yes, I would assume the are purely cosmetic, just like the CE wings I like to boast. :P
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20$ for nothing it should at least add some extra stats? but how and where should it be equipped?
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Damn you Blizzard, I want those wings...
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11/13/2012 01:32 PMPosted by Vlad
20$ for nothing it should at least add some extra stats?

Oh boy imagine the riot if you could pay to get extra item slots that gave you stats. The RMAH is already iffy as it is and that's just for items. You could power a generator with all the rage.

If you like Starcraft enough to get the CE it's a nice perk for your Diablo character is all. That or if you really want the cosmetic effect.
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They shouldnt add any extra stats. Its purely cosmetic, just like WoW pets. But I those wings would look pretty sexy on a DH.
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I'm sure i wont be able to use both my angel wings and zerg wings at the same time..
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Agree..but its a rare item that should be a little extra special than the one you can just bought anytime in RMAH..
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What are you talking about Vlad? You cant buy wings from the RMAH. You can only get angel wings from teh collectors edition, and you will only be able to get zerg wings by buying the DD edition of Starcaft.
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That's the point you can't just buy wings at the AH so it should be a little extra special..
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added picture link to show how sex it is !
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