Blizzard i love your games, i have owned many copies of d2 and sc1 and their respective expansion. and i own diablo 3 collectors edition and starcraft 2. I love playing these games despite their imperfections, and I am glad you take your time to do maintenance.

one thing hoever i dont like is how MUCH time you take to do your maintenance.
when i heard yesterday the servers where coming on at 11 am i expected them to be on at 11 am. i am tried of you ALWAYS extending maintenance. you company does a great job of fixed problems and getting stuff done but you are completely horrid with your estimation of time.
Even that however, isn't the reason I'm posting this.

What i really want to know.. is why. why WHY. Do you need to take both sc2 and diablo 3 servers offline at the same time? If diablo 3 is down ill play SC2 if sc2 is down ill play D3. i understand they both need maintenance, but do you NEED to do it at the same time?
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