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That moment when you..

When I've found my third Manticore... I was happy until I identified it... It rolled with 1 OS, 1K DPS and 190 inteligence...
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11/14/2012 11:49 PMPosted by VoBomaye
Making 6 hellfire rings in a night, and one of them is barely an upgrade.

I made 8 in one day. Each more dissappointing than the last. NONE were an upgrade. After all the hype...

That, or every single Diablo kill after that very first time when the game was brand new. I didn't even bother killing him in Inferno till like a month or two ago. What was the point?
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Most of my friends and I have already started playing other games like Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Assassins Creed 3, and Dishonor =)

Dont think ill play this game until next patch.

The most disappointing thing to me would be farming for a couple hours finally see that legendary light and it turns out to be total crap. / (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ RAGE QUIT !
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Well.. I'm just hoping and hoping that this game gets better and better.

The ones I knew that was so much into it left already. LOL
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11/14/2012 11:49 PMPosted by VoBomaye
Making 6 hellfire rings in a night, and one of them is barely an upgrade.

I've made roughly 50 hellfire rings and only three or four are really any good.

My moments would be:

1. Finding two Nat's embraces in one night and having both of them be awful and worth only ~50k.

2. Finding 4 Mempos and not one of them had CC on them :( and all of the rolls made them cheap Mempos relatively.

My surprising (instead of disappointing) moment was:

I found 4 legendary items in one run. Before IDing, I was very annoyed as they were all typically relatively cheap legendary items without good rolls. They were:

Dead Man's Legacy, Lamentation, Strongarm Bracers, Mempo of Twilight (remember my disappointing moments). I ID'd them all and none of them had the typical "expensive" stats on them so I was very disappointed. The Dead Man's Legacy (this was before I rolled a DH so i had no idea) had perfect crit, attack speed, and hungering arrow damage, and 197 dex and 199 vit. Strongarms had no AR but had 240 dex and 80 vit/8% life. The mempo was dex/MF, and the Lamentation I can't remember but it sucked. I thought all of these except mempo would be super cheap cause I thought DML needed max disc or double dex, and I thought strongarms needed AR. Boy was I wrong. The strongarms sold for 60 mil, the DML sold for 70m, and the Mempo sold for 30m. All in one MP1 act 3 run. That was my last really profitable run and that was a couple weeks ago. Stupid RNG.
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Well.. I did get a Lacuni that went for 200m, and a Depth Diggers that went for 46m..

But.. I needed to cash the 170m(200m - 15% AH cut) for tuition fee.. It was spent on something better ;) So all is not lost..

But still.. if that Lacuni rolled a Dex Vit and not just Vit.. it could've paid for like 3/4 or half of the supposed tuition fee. LOL
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Playing with a high paragon level barb and monk on mp7 with five stacks. Killed those fat shielding buggers in crater 2...no yellows...RNG be trollin.
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Yeah.. Hellrack and Pus Spitter.. even when a rare handxbow drops.. then it's Balefire.. damn it -.-

Gloves on the other hand.. today.. I think I got 3-5 Glad Gauntlets already.. I don't even know if those are being used.. Are they?

haha, exactly. if the leg is worth less than 50k, i brimestone them.

but i had two decent drops last night, a nat sight with 6 cc, and an IK helm with 200 str and 78 vit. each is worth probably 60m-70m. I was pretty happy. :D
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So far the most disappointing is seeing a set ring drop and it is..... compass rose :D

I also hope i dont get anymore Storm Crow. Amazingly i got 3 storm crow, 1 from a corpse, 1 from a white chest and 1 from a white mob. I hope more things for DH drops for me
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