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Advice/Improvements for a DH

My items are not stellar in anyway and thus neither are my DPS and EHP. Budget at the moment is only 10m but advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance!
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Your DPS is not bad for where you're at. Your life is kind of low though. I'd actually consider socketing some amethysts in temporarily while you get items with vit on it. 10 mil probably won't get you too far with your current equipment, since a lot of it would be trying to grab more vit on pieces (strongarm, nat's, etc). You might be able to get a deal on nat's chest with vit for under 10 mil (I bought one last night that isn't showing up on my profile yet that had AR and vit for 5 mil), or a strongarm with more vit, though I'd probably start off with upgrading something that has no vit on it already.
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Look for a cheap Hellcat Waistguard.
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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you get one shotted by everything - I see all resist on none pieces save your shoulders, and you have 20k hp. If you like being a super-glassy cannon, I can make some dps improvement suggestions, but assuming you'd like to be able to survive a couple hits, I'd focus on AR/vit.

1. Natalya's boots. These are cheap now and will give you more armor and a lot of resists.

2. Either a belt with resist all and vit, or inna's belt (hard to pass up dat dps)

3. You can upgrade your left hand ring super cheaply, something with EHP stats or a bit of cc or cd.

4. When you can afford it, a mempo is the best quick fix for EHP ever. You also won't get 0-shotted by fire chains, molten, etc.

LMK if you have any questions :)
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So for Nat's boots, considering minuscule funding, even if I get pair with less than 100 dex, would it be worth it or do you suggest me saving some more and purchasing a pair with higher stats?
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Depends on how patient you want to be. The prices go up considerably on most things, like nat's boots, if you're talking about 100+ dex and vit.
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buy the cheapest ones - they'll be a dps upgrade and a huge protection upgrade, and they'll be reasonably affordable
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looking at your build... ANY boots with like 150dex/150vit all res ms would be a HUGE upgrade.

if u wanted to go cheap u could go with no ms as your pants have them.
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