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Error 31041: 0 bid auctions (w/ screenshots)

For 3 consecutive auctions, I was surprised how my items ended with such low prices for what I thought they would be worth. I tend to put up my auctions for very low starting bid. To my dismay, as I was checking my item that was about to expire, I found out it's bugged in AH. It's on 0 bids and people are unable to bid on it saying "error 31041" according to an in game friend whom I asked to verify if they're able to bid on my item.

I took screenshots to show what I'm taking about and I'm surprised with the amount of people posting about this I haven't seen an official blue post addressing the AH issues.

pic 1: shows my item is about to end showing its stats and time remaining:

pic 1: shows the same item and zero bids:
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I'm seeing this all over the AH again. This was actually an exploit when the game first started and now it's happening again. Kudos Blizz. Blue post please?
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Can anyone link any blue response regarding this issue? I'm scated to use AH right now
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I putted on AH a witching hour with starting bid 3k and no buyout.
It is still 30 minutes left and the winning bid is 3k as it shows on my list. But if I go search for the item on AH it says the current bid is 0, and noone can bid on it.






I hope I get the item back after this 30 minutes.
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I didnt got the item back. In fact it was sold for 3k gold only because of the Error 31041. I sent a ticket and as an answer they said

"As we've been monitoring the Auction House since its release, we can confirm that every aspect of the Auction House is working at this time and that all posted items appear to have either returned or resulted in a successful purchase."

Unfortunatelly thats not happening at all
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I'm encountering this problem over and over and over again, so went searching the forums and found literally dozens of threads discussing it. So far, after reading as many threads as I could find, I've not been able to find a single Blue post responding to this... except for a single thread started by an EU user who couldn't get help on the EU forums, so posted to the US forums... and where the only Blue post announced "This thread is being locked because it serves no useful purpose on the US forums" (since it was an EU user complaint).

I picked this thread to respond to out of the dozens, as it had the most accurately descriptive thread title (and detailed information in the thread), but it could have easily been any of the other 20+ threads.

Has anybody seen ANY Blue responses to this problem??? Anything? It's certainly not going away, and seems to have become even more of a problem lately (despite the recent AH maintenance period)
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I saw a sword on the auction house that I wanted. There was no buyout price so naturally I put a bid on the sword. The current bid changed to 0 and I'm down 30 million. What is going on? Can I have my money back?

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seems like they never fixing that..-.-
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