Diablo® III

Wanted: Class Specific Trading Forum

Please post your support here so that Blizzard will hear us.

This is for seller / buyer / forum browsers everywhere

Credit goes to NYGhost for having the right idea but going about it the wrong way

Transferred from original posting in the barb forum per Kretanix89’s advisement http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006243681

*edit the all caps in the title .. sorry didn't noticed at first

Not against this in spirit but I don't see the point.
Every class already has its own forum. Post your trades there.
There isn't much variation between gearing needs. If something has your attack stat on it, you're 90% of the way there already. Class-specific items rarely contain any meaningful bonus as they don't usually roll worthwhile base stats, and a lot of the nice secondary stats aren't terribly common on otherwise good pieces of gear anyway.

How about, instead, three trading forums: a DEX-based, INT-based, and STR-based forum? This wouldn't necessarily limit items in the DEX-based forum to only items having DEX; one could post any item useful to a DH or Monk, even if it didn't have their attack stat. This would mostly work for your idea, yeah, you'd have to do a little more hunting, but it would keep the number of new forums to three instead of 5 + future classes.

That's my thought, anyway.

Like a thread within a class thread is what id like to see. You go to class:barb, clicky, towards the top theres a thread marked TRADES. No need to bump it, as its always at the top, you can keep track of anything in there you may have missed, because everythings got a time next to it. Sure your still gonna get some impatient peoples spamming their stuff nonstop, but it will allow for build threads/rate mes/ upgrade advices to remain front row for longer, thus getting more support.
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Up to the top!
Blizz should at least comment why they dont do this. The trade forum is a total disaster. And its spreading to the class forums now.
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+1 we need this to clean up the class forums
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I know its not a huge deal but having the class forums for class discussion and having class trade forums for selling gear would make things run alot smoother for everyone. those of us that dont care its not going to affect much, those of us that hate seeing wts threads for miles in the forums will enjoy the seperation.

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It would also be a simple code/ quick construction to do so. iv made game websites b4. even ones you have to fully code yourself its not that hard... another bump i guess :P
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Don't hold your breath. This is the 15th time I've seen this suggestion, and ALL of them had a bunch of +1's in it. Still nothing...
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Every class needs this, blizz will tell us about the flavor of ice cream they are eating ATM, but not give this any reply? (exaggeration but c'mon)
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Class specific trading forums please!
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