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Terrible FPS lag at Rakkis Crossing


Since 1.0.5 (or 1.0.5a) I keep experiencing horrible FPS lag at Rakkis Crossing during mobs fight. My FPS went straight down to the hill from 100++ fps to less than 8fps.

Be it just a few or a large group mobs...

My pc is using i7 930, GTX 560 1GB OC edition graphic card, 6GB RAM, 128 GB SSD... which should be more than enough to handle this little Prime Evil...
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i7 930 GTX 670.

I've been playing since release and I never had this up until recently, at that exact point in the game. Something that makes it playable is to select "Graphics: Low FX". But to be honest I don't want to do that just for that specific scene, because the rest of the game is fine.

Could be latest Nvidia driver too.
Same here.

- since 1.05 (before that smooth like silk)
- heavy stuttering (unplayble) in Rakkis Crossing, and Arreat Summit (pack of scorpions)
- even worst when in party

i7 950, GTX 580 3GB, 6GB Ram, 120 GB SSD
Same happens to me, having spikes/stutter I never had before and made no driver switch. Using a i7 2600k @ 4.8ghz, 2x480gtx, ssd's@raid0...
Cant believe blizzard will not fix this issue.
Same here, 2500k overclocked at 4.5ghz with gtx470, no lag anywhere else in the game, rakkis crossing horrible.
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Same here i5 3570k @4.4 EVGA 670 SC 8gb ram
Same here, i5 3570k, EVGA 660 Ti SC
I have massive frame rate loss in areas of Act 3 as well. Just a minute ago it completely locked up for at least 5 seconds on two separate occasions while fighting packs in Arreat Crater Level 2. When I check my FPS with Ctrl+R I see it dipping down into the 20's when it generally runs at 75 (I have max foreground FPS set to 75 to match the refresh rate of my monitor, if this isn't the right thing to do please let me know).

I have an i7-2600k running at stock 3.4ghz
16gb of G.SKILL Ripjaws X
EVGA GTX 570 HD GPU on the latest drivers
Game is installed on my 128gb Crucial M4 SSD

Never had these problems before 1.0.5.
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^ You're not alone.

Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Processor (Six Core, 12MB Cache, Overclocked up to 3.9Ghz)
Ati Radeon 7870HD
2500k @ 4.5GHz
2x GTX570 2560MB

Same thing here. I can play the entire game fully maxed out except Rakkis bridge which is nearly unplayable since .5 release. Prior to .5 it was as smooth as silk.
i5 3570k
8gb ram
Asus ATI HD7850

SAME PROBLEM, VERY ANNOYING, use to happen only on the ramp next to the portal to siegebreaker, now happens on the whole of rakkis crossing. Various setting various resolutions, same problem.

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