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Help Barbs Progress Through MP V1.05

Hello and welcome to this threads fifth iteration,

A resource to help barbs with the basics of gearing for different builds, their respective specs, and a place for myself to offer my expert AH services to fellow barbs who struggle gearing themselves. I have geared 300+ barbs from 1m-2.5b (yes, B as in Billion!)

If you do not have the gold, or just wish to build your barb yourself, you will find all the help you need beginning in the section "Concerning Spec/Build Choices". Please do not add me for questions/comments, only for gearing. Instead, feel free to post questions and/or comments in this thread.

It can take me anywhere from a day, to a week to get to your build. If you just cant wait to spend that gold, we understand. We wish you the best.

I have imposed strict minimums for gearing on different builds. (US server only, sorry EU):
Please read about each spec listed before choosing one.
-SnB: 75m
-2h/DW Rend or DW HOTA: 75m
-WW: 100m
-2h HOTA -150m
-SWW (Shield WW): 250m
-Throw: Currently we do not build throw barbs.

Here is an example of a 300m WW barb I built recently: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/abend-6917/

If you would like me to gear you, the fee is 10% of the build cost. In your friends request (to Ender#1728) make sure to include budget and build preference or I may not accept it.

After adding me, please post here with the same info to allow me to pull up your profile before and during the gearing process. When my status is set to "away" please do not message me, as I am either enjoying personal time playing the game or I really am away. After your gear is built, please be sure to have me watch you play it for a bit to avoid any issues.

Disclaimer about MP
I do not guarantee your successful farming of any MP level. I gear the best we can, and the rest is up to the player, skill selection, etc...I can't help it if you stand in fire or decide to use the wrong skills for your gear or simply use them at the wrong times in the wrong way.

While 99% of my customers are beyond satisfied, a few complaints have happened (any business that tells you otherwise is lying). Almost every problem has been sorted out with a simple explanation of what made the gear we got good, or an in person private tutorial on the spec the gear was designed for.WE HAVE NEVER HAD A PERSON ACCEPT A REFUND IN EXCHANGE FOR THE GEAR WE PURCHASED. If you have a problem with a job I did, add me IN GAME for a solution. If after everything you still feel compelled to post here, I understand.

Finally, the beginning of the guide I promised!

SNB (non WW) - is by far the easiest build/spec to play, and the cheapest to gear decently as well. SnB has, by far, the highest EHP, defensive skills and therefore, the best ability to survive. Although SNB has good single target dps, it isn't good for farming, but I believe it will be good for PvP!

Here is our recommended SnB spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WkciXP!ZYV!acZbaZ
Leap may be switched out with Furious Charge (Dreadnought) for mobility and healing, Battle Rage (Marauders Rage) for extra DPS, or Revenge (Provocation) for more AOE DPS and healing.

2H or DW (non WW) - Has two opposite specs with roughly the same gear. Both have lower EHP than SNB and therefore, in general, make you much more squishy.
-the Rend spec has great AOE dps and lives through the life that it gains from this ability as well as any additional LS from gear. It is also easy to gear and to play. 2h is the preferred choice with this build.
-The HOTA (Hammer of The Ancients) spec is hands down the highest single target dps in the game. Like WW, it lives off the damage it does, and fury gen is extremely important. The more LS and/or DPS, the better you survive. The more IAS and CC you have the more fury you get due to it allowing you to bash faster and crit more often (procing into the fray). IAS also helps you HOTA faster, meaning more dps and quicker dumping of fury. Because of the APS needed to make this spec the best it can be, DW is the better choice for lower budgets.

Here is our recommended Rend spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bcRYkP!ZYV!YZYZcZ
A LOT of variants to this build, I think this is the best way to go though. You can use Bash (Instigation or Punish) or Frenzy (Maniac or Sidearm) instead of Cleave if you want. You can use Marauders Rage for Battle Rage if you have too much fury. You can use other skills beside War Cry if you have enough defenses (like Revenge (Killing Spree)). If you have enough LS and/or DPs you can use Lacerate for Rend instead of Bloodlust. Basically, experiment with different stuff, see what works best for you.

Here is our recommended HOTA specs
This is the basic spec for barbs. Many variants exist, such as getting rid of War Cry for other skills like Stomp (the one the pulls enemies in closer) or Overpower (Killing Spree). There is a rare version of this that is exactly like WW spec but with HOTA in the place of War Cry impunity. It is used like the WW build but with the added HOTA fury dump.

-WW (DW and with Shield) is, by far, the most efficient style of play for farming. Its downside is its difficulty to gear, and it's difficult spec to learn to play. Basically: IAS and CC is what makes this build work. They increase fury gen from sprint and therefore allow you to keep WoTB up 100% of the time as long as you are constantly dumping your fury (but not too much of it) in order to have room to gain more. DW does way more damage, and Shield has way more EHP. If your interested in ONLY farming, then choose DW, if your interested in being versatile and changing specs and being defensive for PvP or group play or whatever then choose Shield. Shield is only more expensive because of the gear requirements to farm properly, NOT because it is better (its just different!)!

Here is our Recommended WW spec:
There are a few variants of this build for extremely well geared folks. If you have the right gear for it, you probably already know them, so no need to post them.

Here are some useful tools to get you the best gear possible.

DPS Spreadsheet - to evaluate new weapons and other gear before you it. Using this spreadsheet will allow you to properly decide just how much that extra Str, CC/CD, IAS, or +damage is actually going to change your DPS (created by Zrave) -
Watch this video to learn how to use it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h05rf72HII&list=UU2QQfYYAzIVaa4-gcdd8vcg&index=3&feature=plcp
- FOR WW BARBS - CD is extremely important to the build as you get 18 extra CC from having WOTB @ Battle Rage up but don't get any extra CD, therefore a WW barbs dps number is more about buffed then unbuffed. When using dps spreadsheet, calculate your buffed DPS and base your decisions off of that number instead of how it changes your unbuffed DPS.

EHP Calculator - http://rubensayshi.github.com/d3-ehp-calculator/#intro
This allows you to figure our just how much adding %life, vit, armor, AR, block%, block amount, dex, and int, will add to your ability to survive.


*WARNING* - Trying to exactly copy my gear is a bad bad idea unless you have around 1b or more to spend. Instead, look at our customers gear that I've posted at different budgets to get a better idea of what kind of gear fits your budget, and what stats go where. In addition, read this guide, and use the tools, it will help you tremendously.

The number #1 rule you need to know about getting good gear at a good price is don't purposefully search for gear with more than 60 AR, but also don't search for anything less than 50.

Below are our opinions about different stats and gear peices, we put some of the more important ones first!

MS and MF - I see way to many people focus on these stats to do low MP fast and with a lot of MF. In the long run, you are better off focusing on the proper stats to do a higher MP, which will give you the MF that you need, extra drops, and the extra EXP to gain even more natural MF over a shorter period of time. In order to get 12%MS on any item you end up sacrificing about 100-150 stats vs an item without MS at the same price....pretty hefty price to pay don't you think? Now, if you have a pretty penny to spend and your gear is already very good, fine....go ahead, I makes life easier for a lot of builds. Some people just can't live without it though. To those people, you've been warned of its costs! I will always include MS when asked, and is standard for higher budgets, but never MF.

Weapons -
Main Hand - never buy a MH without a socket or as much natural CD as the most expensive gem you can afford. Socket = CD, not any other gem! Get an axe or a mace for weapon master. Please do use the dps spreadsheet to compare different weapons, you will find out just how much str = 1 weapon dps as well has how much CD = 1 weapon dps. Comparing this information to prices will give you the best weapon at the best price. Looking at our customers weapons will also help you decide.
Offhand - For a rend or HOTA build your offhand dps will matter and your APS wont, for a WW build its the opposite. You want a socket and LS for BOTH types of builds. For the HOTA or rend balance extra DPS with extra natural CD and strength. For WW get as much natural CD on top of your socket as you can, even at the cost of weapon dps (although you still want a weapon with dps above 500 for bash and WW damage), and make sure to get at least 1.4 base APS.

Shield - Never buy a shield without CC, and never buy a shield with less than 15% block. Only buy sacred and dread shields. The easy way to look at only Dread shields and sacred shields it to search for 8 or more CC, 9 or more if you want only sacred shields. Percent block is expensive, and only good if it brings the total block percent of the shield above 20. To calculate how good a sacred shield is compared to dread, multiply your block chance (.18 for example for 18%) times average block amount.

LoH @ LS - LoH is now way cheaper and therefore better for SnB barbs than LS (assuming you do less than 100k dps) because all the 2h and WW barbs eat LS up. If you are a 2h or WW barb, LS is your best friend in terms of living. Make sure you get at least 6% for WW. Adding more LS or LoH on top of our standard 6% is also a plus. You want at as much LS as possible on your belt for for 2h, although getting it on a weapon is great as long as you don't sacrifice too much dps, adding LoH doesn't do you jack for 2h.

HP, AR and Armor - You should have upwards of 45k HP IMHO no matter what your build is. 50k is what I tend to shoot for. This gives you a nice comfy cushion to work with. Balance AR to Armor at a 1/10 ratio for maximum effectiveness of them. More of either, even if it changes the balance, is never bad though, always helps in terms of EHP.

Critical Hit Chance, Damage, and IAS - CC and CD should be gotten in a 1/10 ratio for maximum effectiveness and in addition to IAS are 100% necessary. Lower budgets go for 1/3 on ring and amulets and 2/3 for gloves. Higher budgets Get 2/3 on all of those. the 1/3 or 2/3 that you pick depends on if your a SNB 2H or WW barb.

+Damage - can occur on rings and amulets and is AMAZING. it adds to your weapons BASE DAMAGE, increasing its effective DPS, which is multiplied by your STR. I will never buy a ring without it ever again, it is harder to find on amulets though.

% Life - Is a totally undervalued stat on items. Its often cheaper to search for an item with 10% Life than it is to search for 100 vitality. As long as you stay above 1000 vit, 1% life = 10 vit.

Strength - Stacking JUST strength is not the best way to get good DPS. The opposite is also true; only stacking crit doesn't work either. Its all about balance here. 1 strength also gives you 1 armor!

Intelligence @ Dex-10 int = 1 AR. Items with that extra int in there do count for something! Dex helps you dodge, which isn't nothing, but really skews your % protection rating on items. What it shows usually isn't accurate if the item has dex.

Health/gold pickup radius - getting an item with at least 6 to pickup radius helps in fights so you can tank and spank instead of having to move to pick it up. Don't sacrifice tons of stats to get it though.

+Health globes - is not worthless in large amounts, don't go out of your way to pick it up, but definitely consider it in evaluating an item.

Neck/Rings - Don't waste gold getting AR on your jewelry, there are to many good offensive stats it can have. AR is for all your other gear!

Helm - Getting a helm with a socket is a free 13% life or more if you have the gold for a gem, never buy a helm without a socket, EVER.

Shoulders and Belt - Can have the largest rolls of strength, so get a lot of it there, as less vitality. Can also have % life, which is cheaper to get than vitality.

Chest/Pants - Can have the largest huge rolls of vitality, get a ton there and less strength. These can have 2/3 sockets respectively. You always want at least 2 on your chest, and 1 on your pants.

Gloves - Gloves can have IAS CC and CD so I like to drop the AR and get all 3.

Bracers - can have up to 6 crit chance, don't forget about it. 4.5 is a good place to start

Boots - MS is not for people with small budgets, its for the people with a lot of money to spend. More on this in the MS/MF section above!

Most Common Gearing Mistakes: (by Rezic)

1. Choosing the wrong type of weapon.
2. Buying a weapon without a socket.
3. Buying a weapon with too many "stats" (CD, LoH, LS, Str, Vit), and not enough DPS.
4. Not enough AR (All Resist).
5. Too much AR.
6. Not getting AR on gear pieces (allowable exceptions are gloves, rings, and amulet)
7. Getting too much AR on individual pieces (over 50-60AR increases the price exponentially)
8. Not enough HP.
9. Too much HP.
10. Lack of or wrong amount of Crit Chance.
11. Lack of or wrong amount of Crit Damage.
12. Focusing too much on Life on Hit (especially on budget builds).
13. Using Life Steal improperly (e.g. when your DPS is too low).
14. Not enough primary stats (Str/Vit).
15. Too much primary stats (Str/Vit) to the detriment of CC, CD, or AR.
16. Not getting the right ratio or appropriate amount of primary stats (Str/Vit) or secondary DPS stats (CC, CD) on specific pieces of gear.
17. Helm without socket.
18. Too much MS or MF at the expense of any other stats.
Edited by Ender#1728 on 12/16/2012 10:04 PM PST
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11/27 - Rezic will no longer be gearing people. He has not had a chance to catch up on the market as it changes, as well as changes I've made to how players should be geared. He has decided to spend time with RL stuff, and I'm very happy for him, because he is now much happier. If he decides to join me for a class on the changes, his gearing privileges will be reinstated.

12/2 - I'm taking a break from gearing. High end budgets will be the exception to this rule (lets say 500M+ for now). Please send all other requests to Dboy.
Also, if you want any of my items they are on the RMAH. If you end up going to Dboy and trix, let them know I sent you please.
Edited by Ender#1728 on 12/3/2012 6:13 PM PST
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Hey Ender,

In regards to the "strict limit on budgets", does this mean you only gear at that price and not higher? Just curious because I was shooting for 150m but if 125m is the new limit (for dw ww) then I'm ready to add you in-game now.

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vouch! SnB built by Rezic before for 12 mil with some of my pieces
switch out some gears myself afterwards for minimal upgrades.. farming very comfortably on MP3

Hi Ender,
I've only managed to save up 4 mil right now since I splurged on the 90% emerald.
Can you see what I should try to upgrade next or change around?
75 mil will take me months ... unless I get a crazy drop.
ohh and on that note if I do get 75 mils. Will you be able to reuse any of my gear?
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11/06/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Norrec
In regards to the "strict limit on budgets", does this mean you only gear at that price and not higher?
No, you can spend as much as you want, as long as you spend AT LEAST that amount.

ohh and on that note if I do get 75 mils. Will you be able to reuse any of my gear?
Probably not, but I would really have to look fist. We always take into account gear that you have before gearing you, I will be adding this information to the OP, thank you.
Edited by Ender#1728 on 11/6/2012 1:53 PM PST
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Hello there!

Had a question about weapons. What is your opinion on getting weapons without a socket. My budget for a MH weapon is around 15 million max (leaving around 40 million for the rest of my gear) and I am looking at these echoing furys at the 1.1-1.2k range for MH with 150ish str and 60ish CD. When I mouse over them, the good ones will vary from +14k dps to +19k dps in my current gear (I have yet to put them through a spreadsheet or d3up.com but I am trusting the in game DPS mouseover as valid). When I look at a comparably priced weapon WITH a socket they will usually stop at +3-4k dmg so even if I could afford a 100% CD gem it would only give me 14-15k (gem adds 10500dps to my gear) dps for nearly DOUBLE the price of a weapon without gem that is, from what I see, superior. I cannot help but think that weapons with sockets are overrated for my price range and I should go for one without a socket.

What I am thinking of buying is a weapon that has LS and can total around 10-11k DPS (I am not 100% sure this is available for 15mill, have to check AH) after I put in a 80% gem OR a weapon that has no gem around 16k DPS and has 100-150 vitality.

I was checking last night and it seems for my budget, these two seem like the best option, my problem is that I do not know what is more important for MP6+, LS/LoH or EHP in the form of more vitality. This will probably depend on the rest of my gear of course but what EHP/LS/LOH would you say is a good number to shoot for for MP6-7 farm?
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11/06/2012 01:08 PMPosted by EMChamp
Had a question about weapons.
It looks like your running a WW build, at the means you SHOULD have WoTB up nearly 100% of the time. This means an additional 15% CC, but no extra CD, therefore, CD is extremely important on BOTH weapons. Its not as much about your unbuffed dps with WW as it is about you buffed DPS. Also, your offhand weapon DPS does not affect your tornado damage. Therefor any weapon above 600 dps will do (you will wanna do decent bash and WW damage), but you definitely want a weapon with at least 1.4 APS, not your 1.2. You also NEED LS ON YOUR OFFHAND FOR WW! Basically, your weapons are very wrong. While you only need 6%LS, more helps, and extra LoH dosnt hurt either.

Hope that helps

Editting OP the reflect this information.
Edited by Ender#1728 on 11/6/2012 1:29 PM PST
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Awesome post. How do you get above 6% LS when each wep can realistically have about 2.5% each? Do you mean with abilities enabled?
Your belt can have 3% as well as both your weapons. I personally would never use the LS passive over Tough as Nails, weapon master, and ruthless. I use these passives for EVERY build. I guess if you really needed the LS and not the defense you could use it though.
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Alright thanks Ender I will try to modify my purchases accordingly taking into account WoTB uptime, I did not consider the modified effect that would have in my numbers. Also I agree my weapons are crap :P I bought these when I first hit 60 so they are definitely due for a upgrade.

Also what is your opinion on Stone of Jordan, sorry if this question has already been asked. From other forums i have read there is a widely divided opinion with some saying it is BiS and others claiming that a trifecta ring (which is far outside my budget for a good one) is better overall. Farming on higher MPs my experience has been that elites by far take up most of my time but i am curious as to what the reasoning is for SoJ vs other rings (that aren't more than say 100m).
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Hey I posted a whiles back on the other thread about some gearing suggestions ect. You two have been extremely busy I'm in game and have gold about 60mil.
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11/06/2012 01:34 PMPosted by Recon775
Hey I posted a whiles back on the other thread about some gearing suggestions ect. You two have been extremely busy I'm in game and have gold about 60mil.
I have written down to make spending a bit of time with you a priority over other things. Thank you for your patience.

11/06/2012 01:33 PMPosted by EMChamp
Also what is your opinion on Stone of Jordan

I personally prefer regular rings to a soj. In order to get the full benefit from extra % elemental damage you need to have an all physical damage weapon, otherwise you only get 1/3 the benefit. The cold damage mod is pretty cool to have if your a WW barb. So, if your a WW barb that can afford a cold soj with high elite damage, have a weapon with all physical, and the right skill damage bonus then yes its definitely better, tied if the wrong skill damage bonus. If not, go for regular rings.
Edited by Ender#1728 on 11/6/2012 1:51 PM PST
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Posted by Norrec
In regards to the "strict limit on budgets", does this mean you only gear at that price and not higher?
Yes I will make this more clear.

Sorry man don't mean to a nuisance but I'm still a little confused. You said yes to my question about you only gearing at that price, but your edited version of the post basically says those are the "minimums" but we can spend higher.. What I meant was are we allowed to spend more than the posted prices? I just need to know 100% because I would prefer to spend 150m but only have 125 right now. Unless you think an extra 25m wouldn't make much of a difference.

Thanks again man!
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11/06/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Norrec
Sorry man don't mean to a nuisance but I'm still a little confused.
My bad man I thought you post said "only gear at that price and higher" forgot there was a not in there. Yes, you are allowed to spend more than the posted prices, hence the changing to the word minimum. Changed the first post i responded to you with to make this more clear as well.
Edited by Ender#1728 on 11/6/2012 1:54 PM PST
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11/06/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Ender
[quote="70057654280"]Hey I posted a whiles back on the other thread about some gearing suggestions ect. You two have been extremely busy I'm in game and have gold about 60mil.
I have written down to make spending a bit of time with you a priority over other things. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you man I really appreciate it and I am still interested in the apprentice ect. Awesome stuff in this guide too. You and Rezic keep up the good work!
Edited by Recon775#1561 on 11/6/2012 1:55 PM PST
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Hello Rezic and Ender, I just got my firt 100m. Actually I currently have a 130m budget and wanna upgrade my barb (DW WW build).

Added you guys with the needed information. Hope you guys do a good job and I become one more satisfied customer. :)

EDIT: Just wanna say that the gear in my profile is my mf gear to farm mp 1, when you guys start to make my build, contact me in-game so i can show u regular gear.
Edited by BigBoss#1294 on 11/7/2012 3:57 AM PST
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Hi Ender,

I noticed that with the new thread my 100mil is no longer sufficient since I was hoping to go DW WW barb, should I come back when I have more funds? I am noticing that with my gear I can't keep up with WoTB, I am guessing I need to pick up more IAS, do you have a recommendation on what kind of IAS I will need? Based on all your replies I am guessing I only need to aim for 40% CC, I probably have too much CC and not enough IAS at this point.
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11/06/2012 06:06 PMPosted by Kyrs
noticed that with the new thread my 100mil is no longer sufficient since I was hoping to go DW WW barb
We will make and exception for you. No problem.
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Looking for a 130 mills upgrade.
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Is 125M sufficient to upgrade my WW barb? also... 125m will take ages to farm lol, especially with this horrible auction house situation where nothing but the best sell.
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