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Critique The Barb Above You

@Dabox, great build. At least 8.5-9.0 out of 10. I would maybe get a trifecta ring and sacrifice a bit of AR since I think that you easily afford to do so. :-)
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Thanks to those who actually took the time to read the OP and use the template:

Offense: #/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)

Defense: #/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)

Build: #/10 (this is regarding the skills build)

Badass: #/10 (self explanatory)

Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)

For those that want a quick rating I recommend the the "Rate the Barb Above You" threads.
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@ Aeternam

Offense: Looks very nice. Solid CC, CD, with some boots to IAS. Not godly, but very solid for farmed/GAH gear. Only place to go is up, so try to bump up in areas where you can afford it. I particularly like the Strongarms. Nice grab. As your improve your weapons, try to snag some LifeSteal too. I wish I could have that and a socket on my beloved G-Pa. Sigh.

Defense: Like your offense, very solid. Bump up your resists to somewhere between 500 and 600, and try to get over 8k armor. I imagine you are using Ignore Pain b/c it gives your more survivablity than War Cry at this point. As you gear, you can swap the two for more consistent damage mitigation and higher EHP.

Build: 2xWW. Yep. Ignore Pain instead of War Cry, swap when you can.

Badass: Great mid-level Barb who has plenty of room to grow (the most fun part).

Critique: In short, solid with plenty of room to grow. You should run your Barb with my WD sometime.
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Thanks for the critique! I recently changed Brawler to Bloodthrist. I'm just not a fan of War Cry / Impunity anymore. I love how Ignore Pain / Ignorance is Bliss just makes me immortal and 5 seconds is all I need to finish off some annoying elites. It's also a great panic button.
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RARG stop skipping me lol
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I was skipped page 10! please critique.
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Offense: 9/10 Crazy high STR, DPS is very impressive for a sword and board

Defense: 8/10 Great life, good resistances, block chance is a little low.

Build: 8/10 I could be missing something here but I am a little confused by your build. You have into the fray on battle rage and the only fury spender you have is RLTW Sprint. Just seems like you would be generating far more fury than spending so I would think swapping to a different rune would make more sense, or perhaps swap something for a fury spender.

As I was writing this I realized you had very high MF and then you probably play lower MPs and just sprint like mad from pack to pack. Using the ticks to keep you moving. I went back and changed my original ratings but left the text just so you can see my thought process. But I now think I was originally wrong, into the fray makes sense as a high MF farming build.

Badass: 9/10 Your MF looks to be over 250% with your enchantress with 0 stacks. That is pretty badass.

Critique: Looks like a great farming barb. My only suggestions would be to get a shield with higher block rate, even though it would certainly mean less health. I would think it would be easier to maintain your overall health level having a smaller pool that goes down slower.

Offense: 7/10: respectable DPS but on the lowish side for a 2 hander.

Defense: 6/10 good life, good armor, resists seem low. You seem to be focusing a bit on loh which IMHO is not all that useful as a 2 hand barb. I would think everything you have with LoH could be replaced with something to increase your DPS overall. The end result (with your rend, and 3% LS belt) would actually be increased healing even with no life on hit. Life regen is rather high which is awesome.

Build: 9/10 Looks good to me, never tried using a build like it but I would think it works well.

Badass: 10/10 Winkletonk... any barb with a name like Winkletonk has to be badass.

Critique: I would think getting new DPS focused jewelry and pants would be a primary concern. I fully believe upping your dps even with losing the life on hit would be a net gain on healing.
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Offense: 10/10 Amazing DPS, i would add a higher dps dealing skill like HotA to benefit from your DPS.

Defense: 6/10 armor is really low considering that you have over 2k STR, you should improve armor bonuses in your gear.

Build: 7/10 Considering you have really high DPS i would lose the Bloodthirst and get Tough as Nails to improve armor since you have Rend and IK belt 3% more is a waste of a pasive, i would remove Threatening Shout and switch it for something like Wrath of the Berserker Thrive on Caos or Hammer of the Ancients Smash for Higher Dps.

Badass: 7/10 Your DPS is really damn good, but the armor issue makes for faster HP loss on combat, build could use an improvement

Critique: My main suggestion would be to improve armor with gear or passives, and benefit from the high dps you have with a higher dps dealing skill like hammer of the ancients and WotB, great hp and dps, improving armor and skills your barb will be a bad !@#!
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Offense: #5/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)
Your gems are 60str, and 30CD, IK belt and Helm are about 200 more str, and those are pretty cheap now. Crit chance seems low for a thrive on chaos build, I'd have to guess its tough to keep up.

Defense: 5/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)Build: #/10 (this is regarding the skills build)
HP seems very low, i'd definately consider an amethyst in the helm. I guess it depends on what MP you do consistently. I'd also look for pants with 75+AR.

Badass: 5/10 (self explanatory)Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)
I'd almost recommend trying a sprint marathon, cleave build, simply because again, gotta be tough relying on crits with such a low crit chance. But without video too subjective. The good news is you have a lot of great room for growth, and you'll be over the 100k point in no time. Best of luck :)
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I am looking for a frugalness rating. Current found items ring (no not the hellfire silly that"s crafted), belt, hands, ammy and OH wpn.
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Offense: #/10 (10-10 very nice dos)

Defense: #/10 (9-10)

Build: #/10 (7-10) Crazy build but it seems to work for you. I've never used it personally

Badass: #/10 (10-10) I bet you tear sh it up at higher MP's

Critique: (I would get some better shoulders and a new chest piece with STR and 3 sockets)
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Sorry wrong thread.

Thanks ww for pointer.
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this is not a what should i upgrade next post. re read OP's post then try again
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Offense: 8/10 Whirlwind barb with nice dps little more chc and little more chd

Defense: 8.5/10 will survive any fight comfortably little more life and little more res all

Build: 7/10 decent, but generic, your average WW barb build but think you should change clobber rune for bash to something that gives you more fury

Badass: 9/10 i love ice climbers
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Offense: 9/10 (amazing gear very very solid build, could use a high damage main hand though, but I love the life steal on both the weps!)

Defense: 8/10 (not a ton of flaws I can find in this build, all I can say is, maybe a little less life and more resist, as a WW barb with high damage output and life steal having a low amount of health and taking less damage is more valuable

Build: 9/10 I might recommend dropping tough as nails for life steal when you get more resist, you will pretty much never die.

Badass: 10/10 (over all freaking sick gear and great work in building your barb, any critique I generate is purely from putting it under the most intense microscope I can, and again it's only my opinion.

Critique: Only thing I can really say is higher dps main hand, more all resist, at the sacrifice of a little health, maybe switch to life steal passive instead of tough as nails, and higher tier gems!
(boss !@# hellfire ring Btw!)
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(do Colbinile before me, I skipped him cus I took so darn long to write my critique!)
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6/10 - making progress but some obvious changes.

You could really improve by adding some stats to that Amulet: STR, VIT and some crit chance. The next major thing I would do is look to change that off-hand to a dagger or sword with IAS - it will greatly improve the damage.

Maybe shoot for some more RA.
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yeah i chose stun because i was helping my lower dps buddies with users and i would just stun them while they dps'ed them down :)
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