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Critique The Barb Above You

hey guys - looking for some input/advice/criticism of my current build and gear


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Your gear seems to be good, don't particularly like your weapon and really don't understand your passive that depends on you getting below 20% life to use. I think with a new weapon and a little tweaking you'd be DA MAN.
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Get rid of the polearm for a skorn, at least 1250dps and 160ish crit damage, they're pretty cheap now compared to a month ago. Switch relentless to blood lust to up your life leech. Get some more vitality on your gear to make up for losing the 300ish on the weapon. Your life % is really high, but you have very little vitality to make it worthwhile, assuming you ditch the polearm.

Also get some crit chance on your L ring and gloves; you'll get a lot of crit damage from a Skorn if you go that path so you won't need as much on other stuff so you can focus more on crit chance and attack speed rather than crit chance and damage.
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Offense: dps looks decent, maybe a better ef, more aps would do wonders. offhand could use some innate crit. lotsa work could be done here

Defense: defense is pretty solid coupled with the ik set means no fury problems. excellent.

Build: pretty cookie cutter ww/nado barb

Badass: great barb. weapons much like mine have much to improve though. amulet too maybe.

Critique: crit dmg wherever u can get it would do more for you at the moment
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CDFH.. not really sure. Maybe try to get more attack speed by breaking 5 piece for a crit mempo? I haven't tried the 5 piece, but I don't have any fury problems without it. Attack speed helped that, I think. Hard to say.
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thanks for the feedback guys - going to experiment with your suggestions.
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Ooh yeah
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would like some feedback i dont know a whole lot about barbs tho >.>
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my Barb
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Hi there, I am dying a lot on MP5 and i really wanna know which items i can change/abilities/passives to help me survive a little bit

I am currently trying to sell the SoJ and replace it with a 4%+ CC ring
im also working on farming another hellfire ring to try get CC on that also
also looking at higher CC with ammy

my weapons (ignore the hammer on profile)
mainhand weapon (mace):
1017 dps
+160 str
+85% CD
socket with 90% CD gem

offhand (another mace)
737 dps
+130 str
+70% CD
+2.7% life stolen
socket with 90% CD gem

my unbuffed dps with these is 93k, health 40k, unbuffed AR 500. dps is a little lower then what i was hoping for when i built my barb, was hoping for 100k :( im assuming this is because I dont have a lot of %IAS? I didnt bother with IAS much as im not a huge fan of sprint, I use HOTA instead

Is there any other quick/cheap fixes here that will help me survive MP5? ive run out of gold lol
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attack speed increases ur survivability... Put run like the wind if u want to be more effective in survivability... it also gives you more dps...
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Thanks for the tip, heres mine:
Offense: 9/10 (your dps is pretty good, and your attack speed is amazing)
Defense: 9.5/10 (good amount of health and AR, might need more AR for higher MP? not sure)
Build: 10/10 (classic WW build :P)
Badass: 10/10 (like i said... that attack speed.. wow)
Critique: (maybe try and get some higher +str in your rare ring, amulet, gloves for the dps. Mainhand weapon might be a bit low in base dps? once again not sure)

would anyone else have more to help me survive? thanks :D
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Offense: 7.5 out ten keep going with that DPS nice CHC,IAS,CHD(increase STR)

Defense: 7.5/10 Nice Hp and AR could just be a touch more

Build: 7.5/10 I prefer bash with punish and drop Bloodthrist (get life steel on belt or weapon)

Badass: #8/10

Name 6/10

Godliness 6/10

Statwh0re 7.5 Nice IAS and CHD

Sexiness 5/10 increase STR
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Offense: 5/10 you need to increse that CHC

Defense: 6/10 Nice Hp and AR could just be a touch more plus increase armour

Build: 7/10 I prefer bash with punish and drop Bloodthrist (get life steel on belt or weapon)

Badass: 7/10

Name 6/10

Godliness 4/10

Statwh0re 6/10 nice STR

Sexiness 7/10 get a better two hander and better braces prowlers should have ethier CHC plus MS and STR or Ar plus MS and STr or both.Also get ammy CHC up to above 8
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Posts: 9

Offense: 8/10 good strength and decent CD / CC, though you'd probably see some of your biggest gains here (CD/CC increase)

Defense: 8/10 looks decent, HP is fine though AR could be higher - Armor is good also

Build: 8/10 pretty typical WW build, though I think you could go with another skill vs. Superstition if you don't feel like your health rubberbands vs. hard groups.

Badass: #8/10

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Lol opps got my LvLing gear on
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Feel free to critique me or not but yall have to take a look at this and explain to me how someone can have 800k + dps. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BarryDaBeast-1758/hero/25238209
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that is fully buffed. WoTB + frenzy stacked + bash stacked + WoTB Insanity + crit from revenge + crit from overpower. his base DPS is probably near 150-200k, but when you stack all the buffs it ups to 800k when theyre all active.
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I would appreciate some advice since I'm starting out. My weapon has not been updated yet. I'm using a skorn with

1275 dps
300 st
200 loh
185 cd

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7/10 for offense more crit chance and strength.. upgrade some gems. and new chest peice
8/10 for build
6/10 for badass... get some move speed, the upgrade of gems again,
10/10 on ur name.. gj picking out shoe
5/10 i dont feal ur to godly yet. plus i have to see ur skorn
6/10 stats u should be WW with the rest of us swap ur one passive for 5% more cc and 50% more CD
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