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Critique The Barb Above You

My only critique would be the lack of any movement speed equipment. Otherwise your gear looks really good.

I'm interested in any thoughts/advice on my gear. My *buffed* stats are 140k DPS, 500k EHP, 6.0 LS, 500 LoH, 65% crit chance w/ scoundrel. I know I could use some more life (34k), but my high mitigation makes up for that up to MP6.

How can I improve my gear? Would it be better for me to use a different 2 piece IK set combo (within my 50m budget)?

EDIT: Unbuffed stats are 90k DPS, 400k EHP, 49% crit chance (no scoundrel), 2.25 MH APS, 2.427 OH APS
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so i took the advice and bought a cheap skorn (22mil -- 300 str, 300 vit, +168 crit dmg, socketed 1290dps and put a +90% crit gem in it (7mil in AH)). brought my buffed dps from 120 to 201k. i lost 1800 LoH but with 6% life steal i am still surviving mp8. thanks alot guys.
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Offense 7/10
Defense 6/10
Build 8/10
Badass 7.5/10

Critique: Lose the IK gloves. It seems like you're only going for the two piece for resists. Get a different pair of gloves with attack spd, hight crit, str and all resist. Get alot more vit in a few slots. Your pants should have 2 vit gems in them. Maybe a little strength in the ammy too. Overall your barb seems pretty effective, but I would recommend using Sprint with Run like the Wind instead of Rend, then replace Animosity with Bloodlust.
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@ Flytez

Offense - 7.5 / 10
Defense - 5 / 10
Build - 7 / 10
Badass - 7 / 10

1. Shoulder with Life% ( Average Price )
2. Bracer with 6% Crit Chance & all Resist ( Cheap )
3. Pants with Higher Vitality & Same Strength Amount + 2 socket ( Lose the LOH / Expensive )
4. Bigger Gems ( Expensive )
5. Change Unforgiving passive to Bloodthirst

Just a few suggestion, and I know it takes time and lots of gold.. No Offense buddy..
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Really nice Barb. I think you're the first 'mature' Barbarian I have seen who hasn't used an IK piece.

Offense: 8/10 -- obviously, really nice. Have you thought about switching the weapons around? The Mighty Weapon gives you more fury. You're clearly spec'd for maximum efficiency.
Defense: 6/10 -- I think your HP could be a little higher, but overall, really solid in terms of resistances. Your armour is just above 5k too. Maybe look into getting gear with +armour?
Build: 10/10 -- Double Tornado is the only build to go if you want maximum efficiency.
Badassery: 10/10 -- Ugly Barb, but that's part of the charm I bet :P

Lacunis for additional MS
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@ acrimony

My humble correction

Offense - Actually my fury is more than enough because of my attack speed ^_^
Defense - Armor 6k+ with Warcry, and yea trying my best to drag HP up without counting Amethyst gem in helm

Actually, my barb look really really really nice though.. Full body black & gold in colour including the mempo helm.. The colours are all matched hehe coz I really care how my barb looks lol..

I have read quite a few of ur post, threads, arguement and all.. But I prefer /popcorn while reading instead of posting comments to get myself into world war III lol.. and yeap, I am trying hard to build my EHP up buddy !!! Thanks for the suggestion ^^
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The reason why I mentioned switching the weapons around was so you could gain instantaneous fury rather than relying on critical hit chance! I was sort of taking a poke at the Sovereign gear but I see the paint job now haha
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Hahahaha paint job is awesome, but switching weapons will make me lose 10 crit chance though buddy so I prefer not to.. And I know my HP is a little low, I am trying hard to build it up but upgrading my HP without losing dmg's item is all sky high price lol.. Gotta have a lil patience..

Anyway, still thanks alot for ur suggestion though !! Better get out of the thread so people could critique on you =P

PS : I have been critiqued by acrimony, aim him.. not me.. runs away* =P
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I was skipped. Anyone wanna do me.
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Offense: 8/10

Defense: 9/10

Build: 6/10

Badass: 7.5/10

Critique: I think any offense with more than 100k is ok.. even if I still don't have... your def is good too and you have a lot of all resist, maybe someday I'll have something like that. I didn't like your build, just because I don't see the use for weapon throw and Ancient Spear in the same build, but it is just me...
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How do you guys get over 100k -> 200k damage? My barb only have 25k and I don't know what else to do. ._.
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Offense: 6/10

Defense: 6/10 -

Build: 6/10

Badass: 6/10

Opinion: You can still upgrade your offense if you increase crit chance and aspd the same time. As for defense I find it pretty low but since you are using warcry impunity then that would absolutely help. For the build it is pretty unique but I don't think there are synergies in there.
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Becoz ur elite kills only 1.5k!!

Offense 1/10
Defense 1/10
Built 3/10
Badass 1/10

You need to farm alot more if you are interested in d3. :)
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U are skipped somehow.

offense 8/10
Defense 9/10
Built 8/10
Badass 8.5/10

Nice EHP. Go more offensive abit and you are done!
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Almost an insult to you for me to critique you. Whats to say. Top of the food chain. Good damage with huge EHP. If anything take it down a notch making OP barbs seems even more OP.

Seriously just quit it allready making us look bad.
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Offense 7/10
Defense 5/10
Built 8/10
Badass 7/10

You've got good offensive stats though you might want to try and get some more built-in critical hit damage on your weapons. Also, your HP is a little low and you could stand to gain a little more vitality/%life to bump up the health globe to around 50,000+ HP. Will give you more EHP and allow for a bigger cushion to take more hits and survive larger burst damage. Maybe get a little more All Resist as well, but that can be a little more pricy along with what else I've suggested to you and if funds are tight, then understandable. All in all you've definitely got a good start. :)
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Offense: 8/10 nice dps with great move speed and nice attack speed.
Defense: 6/10 armor is ok, health is ok, resists are ok. Everything is ok but none of that really stands out as being great. You have excellent (8.6%) life steal.
Build: 9/10 not original but effective
Badass: 10/10 can't help but think you have some clever connection between your forum name and the name of your barb. Not sure if it was intended but I found it amusing.

Critique: Have you tried using Tough as Nails instead of nerves of steel? I could be doing my math wrong but it looks like you would get a bigger benefit armor wise from tough as nails due to your lowish vitality. You should also look into getting a new IK belt, you can get one with double the STR of yours, and with some benefit to a skill you use (bash for example) for just a few mil.

Edit: @Tanakeah
Offense: 8/10 great DPS, your attack speed is not super high. I have not played WW barb since 1.05 but I have read that attack speed is critical for maintaining fury gen. If this is true I wonder how it goes for you?
Defense: 9/10 Great health, good armor, good life steal and good resists.
Build: ?/10 as I stated earlier I question your fury gen and whether or not it is enough to maintain itself. If it is, your build is great. If it is not, then you may need to look into getting a mighty weapon in your main hand which would hurt your DPS but help your fury gen. I don't feel comfortable giving you a rating here as I really don't know if you can maintain your fury.

Critique: Maybe swap the strongarm for a lacuni prowler.
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Offense: 7/10....having that vit on the skorn is holding you back from getting a higher dps one :P
Defense: 8/10...good balance over all
Build: 8/10...good kill em all build
Badass: 9/10...the name earned extra points :D

Critique: you've got good gear all around but not great. looks like you're at that thresh hold of gear upgrades costing a lot more that it seems worth to upgrade. you've done pretty well with the time you do have invested in the game so far. looks like when you start hitting the higher paragon levels you can start shedding mf gear....i would start with the bracers. i would also drop war cry and threatening shout for leap and sprint:rltw for fast mp0 runs. you should be able to crush mp0 runs that way. if you can't keep the life up switch nerves of steel for bloodthirst.
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Offense: 9/10
Defense 8/10
Build 9/10
Badass: 10/10......I'm a bit biased towards your name because it happens to be my irl name lol

Comments: I would try to replace the blackthorne chest and get an IK chest if you could. Then you would pickup the 3piece IK set bonus, but also loose 100vit from the blackthorne 2piece. It looks like you went with the 2piece blackthorne in order to keep your ehp up over 40k, which is understandable although probably not ideal. Great job overall!!!
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