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Critique The Barb Above You


Offense: 6/10
Defense: 7/10
Build: 8/10

Badass: 6/10

Critique: Should get more dps on your ammy, gloves and bracers. Your defense should go up with the increased dps as well since you're having an LS weapon on top of the belt. I'd switch superstition for Tough As Nails if you have trouble surviving.
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Offense: 7/10 : Upgrade your weapon gems!

Defense: 7/10: Little low on the resists, but I think you should survive well

Build: 8/10: Upgrade your weapon gems, I understand if you can't afford others. Change your belt if you can, get one with a bonus to Bash if you use bash. Otherwise pretty good, but I think you can upgrade your offhand not too expensively.

Badass: 5/10: Sorry negative points for cookie cutter WW
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offense: 6/10 crit chance is too low, need some on amulet.
defense: 8/10
build: 7/10 needs more crit to works as intended
badass: 9/10 having lots of legendaries is way too cool
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lol 3 people just checked out Bruze.. Similar scores phew hahaha
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Offensive: 6/10 -- you actually do more damage with the Tyrael's Might (and it's a beast!). And you do 8% damage against elites! Lots of hidden DPS on your gear!
Defensive: 8/10 -- Fantastic damage mitigation overall. My only question is -- is 1K LOH + 3% leech enough for you?
Build: 10/10 -- pure farming efficiency. Lorenze would be proud.
Badassery: 8/10 -- I feel that maybe some IAS on your Oculus Ring instead of the Mempo (it has no CC%) would help your DPS skyrocket some more!

Critique: Get a SoJ to stack the DPS against elites!
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Any ideas on how i can improve? Having a little trouble with MP5..
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Hey I got skipped, can someone do me!
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Offense: 8/10, great DPS.
Defense: 9/10, very nice health, good armor good resist, good ol rend probably keeps you healthy and kicking at high MP levels. You have a good bit of LoH but I imagine that mostly just supplements the life you gain from LS
Build: 10/10 very similar to mine, you use sprint marathon which for your high MF is probably awesome for farming. I think seeing it on you is going to inspire me to try it out.
Badass: 9/10 fun stuff going on, tons of MF and a great farming barb. Looks like with your templar you hit the MF cap and with enchantress you are damn close.

Critique: Get some new shoulders with more STR. You have ample life where I think dropping some health to gain another 80 or so STR would be worth it. Perhaps looks for shoulders with no life % or no vit (keep one of the two) but with 240+ STR?
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i got skipped too, can someone crit me!
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11/14/2012 08:12 AMPosted by bobdrix
i got skipped too, can someone crit me!

I don't feel comfortable enough with the WW build to do a really good critique of you. That being said your Stone of Jordan is awesome, especially with your high damage black weapons. Someone critique this man!
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Offense: 7/10 you Score this due to your DPS/What you need to increase is CHD
Defense: 6/10 Armour and AR are good enough increase HP

Build: 4/10 Drop over power and threating shout included WOTB and S/Slam with 1% CHC
I feel that your build is confused

Badass: 5.5/10 Mainly gearing thou I feel you have done well with what you have

Name 8.5/10 Love it LoL Rawwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrr

Godliness 4/10

Statwh0re 6/10 nice STR

Sexiness 5/10 (it's a chicky Barb grrrr) Upgrade those gems get better chest/pants and Helm with socket...

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Offense: 8/10, nice dmg, crit chance, only thing to improve would prob be atk spd

Defense: 9.5/10, sick armour, decent (if not, high) hp & resist

Build: 8/10

Badass: 9/10

Name: 6/10 wayyyyyyycoool

Godliness: 8/10

statwh0re: 7/10 sick STR

sickkkkkkkkk sick barb, could use more iAS though. Also, i dont know if it's necessary, but maybe, more LoH/Lifesteal & AR would be beneficial. god, i want your barb... *_*
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Just leveled a Barb and geared her up with 10mil, still very much a noob at it. Feel free for advise on upgrades. Got about 40mil gold reserves.
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Offense: 2/10 -- I feel horrible for even rating, but better me than a troll. I like the start; you're only a few thousand elite kills into your Barbarian, so you're on your way.
Defense: 5/10 -- Again, you've just started out. I would encourage you to raise your health, armour, and resistances so that you have a foundation to build around as you start stacking damage down the road -- this means you're protecting your efficiency while building upwards
Build: 5/10 -- I feel you need a faster off-hand. This will allow you to do faster attacks in your offhand. However, it's a pretty good stat stick, so unless you can find something similar or better with a socket, might as well keep it around for now.
Badassery: 2/10 -- Don't worry, you're getting there :)


I haven't seen a Pride of Cassius around for a long time. 10% move speed bonus is pretty good -- certainly a lot cheaper than a pair of crappy Lacunis. You should save some gold and work your way up to a new belt and Lacunis!
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I'm not really in a position to critique other people, but would love to hear thoughts on my barb.

The weapons are cheapies, no intention on staying WW forever so I'm saving for a godly skorn or stormshield.
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I'm amazed at how many people use that above excuse. 5k elite kills in and you are void of an opinion? Unbelievable. Skipping.
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90 Human Warrior
Posts: 254

Offense 4, strength is just under 2k, could probably squeeze out a bit more on the boots and your MH, which would also be improved with just a socket.

Defense 7, decent resists, armor a hair low, will bump up with STR. Bloodthirst really boosts that incoming heal.

Build 8/10. Pretty much standard WW, and once you get either steal on your weapon or more LoH you can switch that passive for better damage.

Badass? 7/10, plus points for Sever!
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This is the barb, had it linked to the WoW account for some reason, sorry.
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Offense 5/10, I understand that your low DPS is from optimizing for weapon throw with the spear, but IMO weapon throw's effective dps is far too low for a single target skill (better with richochet which i see you have though)

Defense 4/10 Below average resists and extremely low HP, but it looks OK enough to run with full uptime with weapon throw.

Build 7/10 Weapon throw RLTW is a nice build, but only works in mp4+ without the tornados being pointless against trash, and if you skip trash, thats even further effective distance between mobs that you need to keep up perma WoTB up.

Badass 7/10 Mostly for the weapon throw, for no other reason than that it's cool :P

Before people review me, please take into account that I stacked alpha damage purely so as to maximize efficiency of rend/revenge/cleave (overpower when I swap that into the build).

My design plan is to make sure I will always oneshot all trash mob types in act 3 with any skill in my build. This alpha stacking artificially boosts my real mob killing time since my alpha factored in with my 65.5% permabuffed crit chance (75.5% with revenge/killing spree up), I will always kill every single trash mob within 12 yards of me with 2 attack cycles or less.

I have been able to employ this paradigm up to MP2 at the moment for maximum farming efficiency. Will shift to MP3 when I reach the point where my minimum cleave crit oneshots the highest HP act 3 trash mob, the phasebeast.

My current minimum cleave crit is about 440,000 dmg, and the phasebeast mp2 trash is 428,000 hp i believe.

My IK 5 piece set in addition with my almost nonuse of fury (only rend and battle rage) along with my facetanking allows me to keep 100% uptime on sprint/marathon, which increases my efficiency massively.

Perma WoTB is incredibly hard to do in mp2 with 0% attack speed, therefore my elite tactic is usually to just oneshot them with a rend crit (when they have stupid affix combos) and just have lots of EHP. Generally I do not have any problem unless the elite is phasebeast w/ extra health, reflect damage, arcane sentry, frozen, or sucubus with the same affixes. Note that by problem I only mean that I cannot 100% facetank them (and therefore lose effective kill speed), not that I die.

Also please note that I just socketed my skorn with a 100% gem and got a 147 vit IK boots from drop (info to help you rate me more accurately).
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11/14/2012 09:44 PMPosted by acrimony
I'm amazed at how many people use that above excuse. 5k elite kills in and you are void of an opinion? Unbelievable. Skipping.

I've been away from Diablo for months. And the time I've spend back has been speed running MP0 after work with whatever I could find on AH for cheap. So I really am not in a position to critique at all. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge on subjects my opinion would be worthwhile on. Other peoples barbs that greatly out gear and out-knowledge me is not one of those I'm sorry. In due time, it will be.
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