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Get a better DPS OH, upgrade your gems, get avg dmg on your rings, get more CD, and put an amnethyst in your helm
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Lot of great geared barbarians on here and using all types of skill. Critique me.
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looks good marginal upgrades at this point
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diehard get better gems and some more ias
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@friend crazy dps with shield.

I would say get all res pants that way you can drop the strongarm and get a good pair of lacunis
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Pretty complete, w/ marginal upgrades at best to look for. Obviously it'd be nice if you could find a Warrior's blood to replace your offhand but I'm sure that'd be tough with the current stats of your offhand.
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@SoupaTroopa: Switch your offhand and mainhand weapons around. WW DPS is based on the base damage of your mainhand.

Other than that, crit. is pretty low for using a Mighty Weapon mainhand, try getting some crit on your Lacunis at least.


Critique me! I've done pretty well for full IK set, I think.

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Got skipped :(
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@barbarisch very nice gear, only small upgrades to make mainly making switch to trifecta gears.

9/10 offense, trifecta accesories would make it 10. could use more CC imo as well

8/10 defense could be a little higher :P

7/10 on build, only because i believe hybrid builds to be lacking always

i think your biggest benefit would be from getting rid of that EF in OH and swap in a nice high APS dagger or sword with high natural CD and a socket, seeing as WW seems to be your main attack as right click
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an OH with all that and LS + LOH would be ideal but those can go for a mountain of gold
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Offense: 6/10 Pretty low dps

Defense: 6/10 AR is okay, and so is armor but hp is low

Build: 6/10 Very typical, it works but it's no fun, just efficient.
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Yeah, i wish i could find some trifecta jewlrey with high avg dmg. Also was thinking of getting a high str + crit mempo to get more cc and ias aswell as an innas. I believe a witching hour would be a bad idea because that would take away my LS from gear even though it would be a big increase in DPS. The innas and witching hour would be waaay to much of a loss of EHP/survivability.

As for my defense, i guess i just need to find gear with higher base armor and get more strength.

As for my build, I believe WW/Hota to be a very good mix because the aoe is taken care of by WW and for high single target damage thats where HOTA comes in. I also like it because with a massive crit i get a full globe heal. I would love to replace bash with hota and use OP KS but i would like to optimize my gear to maintain high dps as well as get HOTA reduction items to make it viable like DAKKON i believe his name is.

As for my OH, before i bought the EF the other day, i was using this sword

746.2 DPS
1.40 AS
174-543 Arcane damage
158 strength
111 vitality
98% innate CD
3% LS
Socketed with 100% CD

I would love to continue to use that if it had way higher DPS and AS. The EF however, gave me an increase of 28K character sheet DPS :D

Thanks for the critique!
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Hi all...I'd like some outside views on my gear and build. Beyond getting better gems any advice would be appreciated.
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