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Critique The Barb Above You

2.7 is amazing. I'm at 2.65.

Nice APS. Wish i had something like that.
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Any pro barb can critique me. Noob barb here trying to hit 100k dps. Thank u :)
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Offense 2/10- You have like 0 crit chance. That is really going to be the most of an impact for you. Bravo on the attack speed, but you need CC and CD to really make a change

Defense 4/10- You are rocking the shield, which is OK, but it isnt needed for a WW spec until you are like MP10. That spec is all about dishing out dmg, and getting the ticks back from your tornados. Try going more offense, less defense (shield anyways), and you should notice an improvement.

Build-5/10- You hit a cookie cutter build, so not much to say. BUT I would say you need to understand the build more, before you just go test it out. You don't drive a Ferrari without learning to drive a ford. For your spec, you really want to focus on a high crit chance, with some LOH to keep you alive. Crit dmg will then add the dps you so desperately need.

Badass 2/10- Not really a badass IMHO.

Critique- I kinda touched on it above, but your gear just isn't right for your spec. If you wan to stay SnB, then you should change up your spec to match in (ignore pain, overpower, revenge, rend, etc..) If you want to go WW spec, then you really need to change your gear to show it. While high end WW gear is expensive! you can get low end stuff for cheap. You really need to get some CC, and start making those 'nados Crit!

All in all, I would say get some crit, even if you have to back off on the attack speed. Then get some crit dmg. Build some LOH into the package, and you will have a killer beginner WW spec.
OR Keep you AS gear, and try playing with a beefy 2h weapon. That AS gear will shine if you go with a hard hitting slow weapon.

Either way, ditch the shield, go offense. You might think it will be harder to survive, but it isn't if you kill !@#$ faster than you get killed = you win.
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Guys, please don't ask for a critique without critiquing the guy before you. It's a "return the favor" kind of system.

Also, try to use the template mentioned in the OP.

Taco5 is next. Curious to see what kind of advice he'll get - if any.

No one likes Tacos? I can farm MP5 reasonably efficiently and run through MP10 without dying (slowly). But have trouble soloing uber SB/ZK at MP7 and up. Assume it's part gear and part L2P. Could use some help/criticsims.
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Note: If i tried to assign a number, I would basically be choosing at random. Since there is no standardized system for what constitutes a given value, I won't give one. Instead, I will give commentary.

Offense: I like what you are are doing with high CC and IAS. I imagine with 2 socketed weapons with CD that your CD is high enough to be effective even if it doesn't show on your profile. Even so, snag a good ring that has Avg damage, CC, and CD on it. I really enjoy Unity myself.

Defense: I like you could bump up your armor by a few thousand. More Str would certainly help, in addition to dropping the Blackthrone coat in favor of an IK Eternal Reign. If you aren't shooting for more Str and Vit on the IK stride, then try to snag a pair with armor too. Should be relatively cheap. I can't comment on how life a 2xWW barb needs, but you could stand to get above 50k at least.

Build: 2xWW. I get it.

Badass: I don't know your financial/luck situation, so I can't comment on the "Badassery" of your gear. If you have put him together based on drops and selling on the GAH, then I think you have done a good job of gearing (based on how lucky you are with drops).
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I don't really know how to critique your barb eddard.

Your barb just looks so *jaw drops* awesome.
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Offense: #/10 I like(love) your rings...nice Avg, high Str, CC/CD combo. very well done. Ammy is not big dps but is not bad and it does make up with all other survivability stats around it. I would consider adding AS somewhere to buff some of that CC/CD...look into it.

Defense: #/10 I think your survivability makes up for any deficiency that may have. 600 AR is perfect...anymore and i think you would be wasting gold that could be used somewhere else. Armor is as good as it really should be. Your Hp...pretty freaken badass. nicely done on Defense.

Build: #/10 I am a WW barb so here i will be bias. I don't like the stop and go fighting styles. I've been there and done that...to slow. but overall your build makes sense..looks good. eh not much here :)

Badass: #/10 Your main hand looks good...i wonder if you find a skorn (since your 2h) if it would bump your dps by 10,20,30, or 50k....But i do like the main hand...nice stats and weapon range/dps.

Critique: Your barb looks pretty dam impressive...strong balace between dps and survivability. To better your barb add more dps...between 200-180k should be your zone :)

good luck bud.
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Thanks Eddard, all put together with drops and GAH. End goal is to get rid of BK and pick up some ice climbers. Nice ring, it would raise my DPS by like 13.5k, lol.
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@ Taco and King Ben

Thank you for the kind words, all. I have been slacking on my Barb lately and find myself playing my WD more often than not. Great change of pace, and blast to play. He is the most visually interesting character in the game I think, with a super cool visual style to both the character and his skill set. I need to get back on track though and, as KingBen suggested, get a better amulet. I feel it is the obvious weak spot in my gear (I like Gpa for aesthetic and performance reasons), and I would like to get one with more offense. My problem though is that I can't decide what defensive stat to drop in order to pick up Avg Damage. I am thinking the RA, since I love popping War Cry and being over 10k armor. I have had a few Skorns drop, and I just don't like them. I realize the raw damage is way higher, but I like the speed, style, and added 15% damage that Gpa lends in addition to its huge life bonus.
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@Castablanca and others recommending more AS for dual wield

What would you guys recommend I replace to get a higher AS? Really don't want to give up my CC and CD. I also don't play as much as most of you and haven't had any lottery winning auctions so I need to be budget-minded.

BTW, next critique should be for KingBenjamin.
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For you:

Offense: 7/10 -- Your gear is obviously slow farmed (aka, you have a life); so good work.
Defense: 6/10 -- I would really encourage you to get a helm with a socket; or at the very least, an Andariel's Visage with a socket so you can level up/use amethyst.
Build: 10/10 -- for following my spec :D
Badassery: 10/10 for the Doom Armour and the Andariel's -- it looks horrifying.

Thanks for the feedback. I really like mitigation more than EHP and I need the ias from Andy's for the WW breakpoint. I'm crossing my fingers for a crit/ias hellfire. If I get one of those, I think I will get a double str mempo, which will skyrocket my HP. Crit mempo isn't going to happen unless I win the D3 lottery.

I bought a new ring and gloves last night, so will probably go back to farm mode to start building up gold again. 10% more hp, 5% more paper dps, and hit the 31% ias breakpoint for WW tics with WotB now. Farming MP5 with no defensive skills :-D
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@ Aeternam:

I think a new amulet would be a good place to start. Ouroboros is a little low on the CD side, but the CC is solid, the LoH would pair beautifully with your 2xWW build, and Avg Damage is a woefully overlooked DPS stat. Should be able to farm one up in a reasonable amount of time. Very solid ones are well below 100mil.
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Offense 5/10 - DPS is a little low, build isn't really optimal for offense.
Defense 5/10 - Resists and HP look good, but you need to work on life leech and add that other 12% movement speed somewhere.
Build - 7/10 - not optimal but not horrible. WW is going out of style.

Critique - You're approaching the game the right way and I can tell you haven't put any real $$ towards your character so kudos for that. Right now you are a pretty average Barb which isn't' a bad thing. A couple nice drops and your dps should start to grow exponentially.
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Offense 9/10 nice Dps for a ww and you could change one of the rings to increase it.
Defense 7/10 Low AR ehp
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Offense 9/10 nice Dps for a ww and you could change one of the rings to increase it.
Defense 7/10 Low AR ehp

Can tell you took a lot of time with that one LOL i'm not a WW barb. I''ve been doing a lot of ring shopping lately, I think I need to save up a lot more before I can afford the ones I want though.
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Can't decide if I should keep my cold SOJ or go for a higher bonus vs elite. Been looking one for a HoTa deduction of at least 3. Can you have to much crit dmg?
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Offense 7/10 Your weapons need higher DPS.
Defense 7/10 Might want to verify with calculator but you might be better off going Warcry-hardened instead of impunity.

Build 8/10 - looks like standard cookie cutter WW

Badass 7/10 - not sure what to tell you here but increase your DPS and better rings should help notch you up.
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was skipped...
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Offense: 7/10 Overall decent aps, cc, and cd

Defense: 7/10 Again good overall, im just a little bias when it comes to ehp. Could use some more of everything, particularly hp.

Build: 9/10 Typical WW build. If you feel you need the extra armor and AR, stick with warcry. But if you feel that you dont need it and want more dps, try switching it out for something like OP killing spree, Rend, or HOTA. Same goes for bloodthrist passive. If you feel you NEED that extra 3% LS, then by all means keep it. If you need extra fury or armor switch accordingly.

Badass: 10/10 For the mempo :D

Critique: To increase your dps even more and get higher breakpoints, try getting CC on your rings. I know it will be costly for the upgrades, also try getting lacunis with cc. When you can upgrade your gems. Your pants is one slot that should be stacked heavy with vit. Get a fast as OH with socket, ls, cd, and some core stats if you can.
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