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Critique The Barb Above You

@ Krink, grab some more vitality and crit chance, along with crit damage then get gear with more sockets and radiant gems
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Bloodspawn #1367

Dam can't get !@#$ farming any hand me downs?
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
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No one did me lol
I help with gear guys
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@Sphirex not sure why u have so many pieces with INT on them. You need to stack some CC,CD,ATK SPD to get that damage up. Really no point in using that helm either if ure not using a shield.
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I am pretty noobin so I shouldnt attempt to rate anyone but any advice on mine would be appreciated

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Lol I got skipped. I need advice on what I should upgrade next please.
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fags always miss me gear check hungry mofo's
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great build!

I wouldnt change a thing other than the viles and maybe the litany.

The vile you can pick up very cheap now with 200+ strength.

I think you could replace your litany with many better upgrades available. Is it worth having just 1 of the set rings or do u interchange your AWESOME hellfire with a wailing host?

Rate me pls
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Good gear overall, Life steal/LoH abit on the low side but still survivable with ignorance is bliss, Personally i would try to up vit 35k hp is ok but more is always better especially if you are doing mp8+ which at your gear level you should be doing.

I would change the depth diggers for a pants with the same amount of str and more vit. plus they are so ugly on a male barb :P
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a balanced barb

very nice gear in general, needs a change of weapon though, and more ASI
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Sorry but don't feel I'm qualified to critique. Just finished building this barb from scratch over the last week and would love a critique.
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Please rate it :)
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85 Troll Shaman
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Sweet Gear, wish I could match your DPS.
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Good offense, decent defense but get some loh wit the life steal, could get a bit more all resist, common, good build, pretty badass
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Rate me too :D

I feel that my barb has really little resistance or shd i just remain as it is? I feel like a glass cannon or some sort haha.
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For anybody like me who's looking for more thorough information than just one rating or a quick comment.

Use this as a template:

Offense: #/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)

Defense: #/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)

Build: #/10 (this is regarding the skills build)

Badass: #/10 (self explanatory)

Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)

EDIT: Guys, please don't ask for a critique without critiquing the guy before you. It's a "return the favor" kind of system.



It's been working really well so far. Try to stick to this. Otherwise if you're looking for a quick rating or quick comment use the "Rate The Barb Above You" threads.
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I just put a bid in for an IK triumph, trying to increase dps without sacrficing life or armor or life....any gear or that i should search for for more dps...wanna breeze through mp 8 lol....farmn mp 6 right now
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nice build but can get higher dps!!
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im a newly leveled bard and i cant really help YOU guys.. but I would love to get your opinion on my barbarian on what should i aim right now... etc :)

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@:HydraNeed everything i am sorry to say. Vitality is way low, you have no crit damage, life sustain is ok, you can spend 1 mill and make a big diff to your barb. Go grind for gear to extract and then sell essences, you will make a quick mill and then go see what is available on AH for say 100k per piece. With the resists try to get dual resist gears, RES ALL + COLD RES for instance.
Edited by jen#1851 on 11/8/2012 5:48 AM PST
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