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Critique The Barb Above You

@Jen Nice Not bad, id suggest getting rings with str and average damage over CD, a lot cheaper and probably a lot more dps too, also IK belts are SO cheap now, get one of those, id also suggest an IK helm to to get the 2 set bonus, you wouldnt lose the AR when swapping then and youd get a pretty big life boost from the +%life and the socket.

Also storm shields are crazy cheap, get one with CC and youll see your dps skyrocket. The increased criting would help your overpower healing from revel also although i prefer killing spree due to the massive CC bonus that aids healing through lifesteal anyway.

Also i cant tell if your quite SnB or WW, your kind of hald n half right now, if your going WW get sprint with run like the wind, if your SnB swap whirlwind for rend, or HotA or something.
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For those that actually take the time to read the OP, I've added a few additional traits you may want to critique. Feel free to suggest others!

Name #/10 (the barb's name - not the blizzard account name)

Godliness #/10 (1/10 means already a god...10/10 means a god among gods (A Zeus))

Statwh0re #/10 (having one or more stats that is over the top)

Sexiness #/10 (depth diggers = male/female stripper, etc)

Frugalicious #/10 (the less you have of uber items that are known to be blatantly expensive and still be able to have a kickass barb the higher the number)
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Offense: 8/10 Very nice DPS, TONS of strength

Defense: 7/10 armor is decent considering no passive to boost it, health is in a nice place, resists are good enough. Nothing super amazing but definitely good.

Build: 7/10 standard whirly build.

Badass: 10/10 solely because your bracers are called "vicious ragers"

Critique: My main suggestion would be to get some movement speed, getting a little movement speed goes a long way in whirling because I believe you get an extra tornado from RLTW if you have at least 10% MS. Maybe some nice IK boots?
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anyone can critize me. currently with no belt but wearing a witching hour
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The next person that deserves a critique should be DAmwake since he followed the rules and seems like he actually read the OP. Remember it's a return the favor kind of system.

It's up to the person critiquing DAmwake if he or she feels like doing an additional critique of somebody else who had not critiqued anybody above them.

Derp. This really shouldn't be that difficult.
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Offense: 8/10 Nice dps, Tons of strength.

Defense: 7/10 Decent enough but I think more AR would def help.

Build: 8/10 I like the build not seen this one that I can recall. Just curious to how quickly you can clear groups of mobs. Is it as efficient as WW?

Badass: 8/10 Most defiantly a good barb and i'm sure you have no problems clearing the higher mps.

Critique: I think you would look into some set items such as IK and blackthorne's. Would help boost armor and i'm sure dps and resists.
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Offense: 9/10

Defense: 8/10

Build: 8/10

Badass: 9/10

Critique: Honestly, your barb looks pretty solid. I don't really see anything that NEEDS to be replaced. Only like small upgrades on your already existing items, (All res on IK helm, Crit dmg on IK gloves Etc.) Very nice barb! :)
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@Valeriano , wow what a tank, I am new, so i cant comment on build

Offense: 5/10

Defense: 9.5/10

Build: ?/10

Badass: 7.5/10

I guess you never die, neither would the enemies at mp6+

perhaps change out the rings fro something with Avg dmg, IAS and CC?
buy IAS CC gloves,and change belt to IK belt??
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Offense: 6/10, I know that numbers are not very important but your DPS seems a bit low to me. I think thats why you rely on Marauders Rage and Insanity on BR and WOTB?

Defense: 8/10, Very solid mix of AR and Armor and hitpoints. Also nice LOH, but with some LS you could change Revenge for a more offensive choice like rend or overpower.

Build: 7/10, I can understand your skill choices but I'm afraid that they drop a serious amount of efficiency to make up your lower dps with dmg buff runes. I dont like cookie cutter builds in general, but as of now, the way into the fray and thrive on chaos synergize is just to powerful to not chose as a ww barb. more skills should work like that.

Bad !@#: 4/10.. amethysts.

Very round and solid barb, i like your ehp. I think you should focus on more dps atm. go get a nice rolled mempo (no crit as i assume you cant afford it yet), a cheap IK belt with 3 LS and change revenge for overpower with 10% critchance rune.

Edit: sorry, i wasn't fast enough typing so we have two critiques on valeriano. if somebody is kind enough to give me some feedback, please be sure to check on my European profile, you will reach it by simply changing us to eu in the profile url.
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@ RichDDT

my Dps is entirely unbuffed on the site. I am constantly over 80k with battle rage and with Zerker I crit over 270k constantly haha. Oh and both my rings have CC. Thank you very much for your input!


I will definitely look into the IK belt idea, Thanks for your input!
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@Othar & @Gusty -- thanks for the ratings. I did make an upgrade. I'm still building for EHP, damage, and attack speed. One of you asked why I have so much health points; it's because I'm gearing for PVP. At the moment, ranked in the top 90 in US, top 25 in PVP for Barbarians!

@Heinzelot -- Don't see your profile. Looks like you're coming from a region outside of the US.


Offense: 3/10 -- You don't seem to play much, and it all looks self-farmed. I recommend you work on levelling up to ease the burden of having to wear amethysts in your gear slots (use an XP gem in your helm)
Defense: 10/10 -- Spectacular! I love the superbly high resistances and armour. It appears you're transitioning; were you a S&B?
Build: 2/10 -- Hard to see where you're taking this Barbarian. I would have preferred a socketed weapon in the mainhand. You don't have any XP on your gear and all your skills aren't conductive to the Double Tornado build. You don't even have move speed :(
Badassery: 10/10 -- Because I have no clue what's going on with the skill slots and that terrifies me.
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@ RichDDT

Offense: 7/10

very high cc and asp. which are important for ww barb. I guess the next thing to go is to increase your cd. will be expensive to get cd on top of your existing gear though.
1 area which i think could be affordable to get is your glove. you can consider dropping your all res on glove and get one with str, cd, cc, asp. Your all res is quite high for a ww barb and the drop in all res should not impact your survivability

Also can consider getting a higher dps main hand wep. your damage of ww depend on your main hand dps. consider dropping some of the stats (int, vit, cd) and your should be able to get a 1000+ dps main hand easily.

Defense: 6/10

your leech life ability is only LS 2.9% on your belt and nothing else. I will recommend to get LOH or LS on 1 of your wep to help with your hp recovery. Can consider switching out passive skill nerves of steel for bloodthirst for extra 3% LS. Nerves of steel probably won't be of much effect since your not a tank build.

Build: 7/10

Badass: 7/10
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Offense: 8/10 Nice dps, Tons of strength.

Defense: 7/10 Decent enough but I think more AR would def help.

Build: 8/10 I like the build not seen this one that I can recall. Just curious to how quickly you can clear groups of mobs. Is it as efficient as WW?

Badass: 8/10 Most defiantly a good barb and i'm sure you have no problems clearing the higher mps.

Critique: I think you would look into some set items such as IK and blackthorne's. Would help boost armor and i'm sure dps and resists.

To answer your question regarding how fast I clear the truth is no I do not clear as fast as WW. I used to be a WW barb but I got bored of it so I changed my build. I clear slower, but I have more fun. Considering the game to me is more about fun than efficiency, I am sticking with my build :)

Thanks for the tips as well!

To whomever is next, please remember to not skip Acrimony, I just wanted to reply/give thanks to for my thoughtful critique from DeathsDesign!
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Offense 8/10

Defense 7/10
Armor is a little low, you probably don't have a problem because your dps is high enough with your lifesteal though.

Build 7/10
I would go 8/10 but I dont like seeing ignore pain, I dont see it as a very practical skill with the long cool down

Badass 8/10
Movement is good and im all for 2h badass rend barbs.

Critique: Upgrade those gems, and look into replacing your offhand ring. Other than that nice barb.
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Offense 9.5/10

Defense 10/10

Build 8/10
Not sure why you have both defense passives, obviously that's why your armor is so high. I would think you'd want to extra dmg from Ruthless. Would like to hear your thoughts on why drop that for extra armor?

Badass 9/10

Critique: Maybe drop some of the life regen and get more strength to do more damage. Of course the more dmg you do the more life you will steal, etc.
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Offense 9/10, SICK SICK Skorn! I want one! Amazed your DPS is so high without using ruthless.

Defense 10/10
Very high armor, decent resistance, life leech skorn + rend blood lust probably makes you invincible.

Build 10/10
Giving it such a high rating because it seems to be YOUR build, not sure I have seen anyone else use it. Not only is it original but it seems very good as well as extremely related to your gear.

Badass 10/10
That Skorn!

Critique: My only suggestion would be to swap your belt to something similar to mine (doesn't need to be IK). I think having an added boost to cleave damage as well as LS would be pretty awesome for someone like you who probably does a ton of damage with cleave anyways, and an extra 3% lifesteal never hurt anyone :)

Edit: Sorry took a while typing up this and someone posted while I was doing so, did not mean to skip anyone. Please do not skip above poster in the critiquing process.
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@Vortez -

Offense - 8/10 pretty solid although not a huge fan of 2Hers

Defense - 4/10 - low life, low resists, at least you got a life steal skorn

Build - 3/10 - looks awckward... no sprint, cant imagine you keep wrath for too long

Badass - not even sure what this means

critique - looks like your bank account is hurting after building that barb still needs some work!
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** No need to rate me, already been done **

I have been messing around with mp10, I have both defensive passives because It allows me to stand in multiple desecrators/arcane lasers, and continue the beat down. Im more in the experimentation phase with it to determine if its worth it. Same reason for the high regen, when your frozen or the enemies are shielded, the life steal stops, needed something to fill in the gap. Like I said though i'm still experimenting with it.
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