Diablo® III

i have some stuff to give away / sell

I appreciate what the OP is trying to do, but it seems a bit weird. He comes in with a title to sell/give away, gets all huffy when ppl offer him gold, then says everyone is too pro here to give it away.

No offence OP, but your attitude is a bit offish, hopefully you find someone that 'deserves' it though.

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Dang, wish some gear like that would drop for me lol.
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Maybe to limit the responses, OP what/who/how do you define a noob in this game?
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as someone who think using blue items with high DPS or core stats will get them through inferno.

i gave most of it away + a black chantado set.

everyone knows i have a troublesome attitude / am a jerk. but iyam fun to play with for the lols.

thanks for the audacity to offer me 30m for the lot, maybe next time i can spit in your face?

@RIZE - would've given to you had i seen it before i gave it all to my friend at work.
chances are i will find another great one and you can has it.
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i actually have more stuff to give away but i cbf listing it right now.

maybe add me (include interesting msg) and i'll see if i feel like dispensing.

also @RIZE - i have 3 zuni boots altogether now. 2 on loan
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lol i just spent the 11m ive saved up for the last month to buy myself a zuni chest and some boots. (gave me a 30k dps boost)

I hope the ops items find a good home and not some money grubbin cretin.
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Sorry if offering my entire amount f gold I have ever collected in this game from hard work and grinding is offensive to you.

Next time I will be sure to go and buy some gold and support the bot farmers, and offer more.
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i also have radiant gems to sell - 10m ea
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They should make a new NPC and call him Jas, the traveling salesman! ^^
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i imagine it would be like covetus except cuter and with thick rimmed glasses
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[quote="70032849796"]As my friends know I donut care about money as I have a job and I donut care about gold as I have enough in this game.

LOL if u have plenty of gold why are your barb and wizzard so crappy geared lol both below 100k dps with buffs

LOL if ur so awesome how come you cant even use the quote option properly.. Also just cuz you have a 270k GLASS cannon doesnt give you the right to go round ripping out other peoples characters. grow up mate
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glass cannon are u !@#$ing dumb >< and jasian the poofter trolls all my threads so piss off %^-* 4 brains

How old are you again?


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73 Gnome Rogue
Posts: 545
zunimassa :
chest 198 int, 212 vit, 79 resis all, 220 armor, 3 sockets
boots 7% poison, 192 int, 96 vit, 74 resis all, 234 armor

Would be really good for my wife's wizard - in terms of power she has nothing like that.


we got lucky last night and finally saved up enough to purchase her weapon and offhand
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